Tonight we will watch as Angela, Haleigh and Fessy battle it out for this week’s Power of Veto on Big Brother 20! Find out who the POV Players are, who the POV Winner is and what happened at the POV Ceremony right here! If you don’t want to wait to find out, you don’t have to! Check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details! 

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Haleigh isn’t surprised by this, but Fessy is. Sam tells them both that this sucks, she really thought that it was going to be Haleigh and her on the block. Sam tells us that she hopes that Fessy comes off the block before Thursday. Meanwhile, Tyler and Angela are talking about how great this move is. Angela tells us that they really need to get Fessy out this week because they can take Haleigh out next week.

Haleigh and Fessy are laying in bed and Fessy is recapping the last couple weeks and laughing about how dumb they are and Haleigh even says that they are the worse Big Brother players in history. Up in the HOH they are talking about how the worse case scenario is if Sam wins the POV and takes Fessy off because JC tells us that he would be the replacement nom.

It’s time for POV players to be picked Angela picks Kaycee, Fessy picks JC and Haleigh gets HG choice. She goes to pick a player and Fessy tells her to pick Sam. Haleigh tells us that she picked Sam because at least Sam might us it on her or Fessy. Fessy really wanted her to pick Sam because Sam would be easy to beat in the POV.

After this, Haleigh goes to talk to Angela and Angela tells Haleigh that Fessy is the target this week and not her. Haleigh tells us that she doesn’t trust Angela. Meanwhile, JC is talking to Fessy and Fessy is trying to talk JC into using the POV on him if he wins. JC tells him if he does that then the whole house turns against him and JC and Fessy end up on the block next week.

It is time for the Veto Comp! They are told to get in their spaceships! They have to collect Vetonium and bring it back to their ship, but if any part of the Vetonium hits the floor they can’t retrieve it. This is an individual comp and it’s held in rounds. In round one they have to battle this three eyed monster which is really just a ball shooter that also throws slime at them, each of these are one point. Round two they have to battle the scorpionators and each one they catch is worth two points. In round three they have to battle UFOs, but each of these are worth three points. The catch is, they have to catch this with their mouth. It’s hilarious watching them get hit in the face with plastic slimy squids.

Haleigh doesn’t do too bad, Kaycee being a football player really helped her out in the second round. Sam didn’t do too great, but it was funny watching her get hit with squid. Poor JC gets hit in the junk with one of the balls from round one. Angela is up now and she does fairly well in the second and third round, but she is really grossed out by the slimy squid. Fessy is the last one to go and him being a football player actually helped him out as well, this is going to be a close one.

It is time to get the scores. JC finished with 2 points, Haleigh finished with 13 points, Sam finished 2 points also, Angela finished with 16 points and takes the lead. Fessy scored a 32 which is double what Angela got and takes the lead from her. Kaycee finished with 33 points and won the POV! When Tyler put it around her neck, she jumped up and down a couple times and it falls apart.

Haleigh is upset that her and Fessy lost and now she has to spend the week trying to suck up to the people that don’t even want her in the house. She also feels bad that in the process of doing this, she is going to have to turn her back on Fessy, the one person who has had her back the whole time.

Leading up to the POV Ceremony, Haleigh has integrated herself into the rest of the house, meanwhile Fessy is sitting in the kitchen alone. Fessy is upset that she isn’t spending this time with him knowing that the noms are going to stay the same and he is going to be evicted on Thursday. Haleigh sees Fessy in the yard and he gives her an attitude for not hanging out with him. This causes Haleigh to be really upset and she goes to sit in the hammock. She is laying there crying when Brett comes out and cuddles up with her to comfort her. She tells us that she has to focus on her game going forward.

It is time for the Veto Ceremony. After both of their Veto speeches, Kaycee decides not to use the POV and she tells them that they are both amazing people, but from a game point, it’s best for her to keep the nominations the same.

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