Tonight is the night Big Brother fans wait for every year! It’s Double Eviction night! The first order of business tonight is the live vote and eviction of either Sam or Haleigh. After that we will watch as the remaining 6 HGs battle it out in the HOH, noms are named and all the remaining HGs will play in the POV and finally, a second live vote and eviction will happen. Make sure you keep up with all of tonight’s Big Brother spoilers right here! 

We start this episode off with a look at what’s been going on in the house and the HGs plans for this week. L6 are talking in the HOH room about what they are going to do if this week is a DE. They are discussing who will go up as a pawn if JC or Sam come off the block and Brett tells us in the DR that Angela offering to be a pawn means that she is too comfortable and he might have to take the first shot. He talks to Tyler later on about possibly going after Angela because keeping Sam and JC could be more beneficial to their game, but he is worried about Kaycee coming for them.

Tyler tells us in the DR that he has to flip this back onto Brett with everyone in L6 because he can’t beat Brett in F4. Tyler then goes to Kaycee with this information and is throwing Brett under the bus with her. They decide that they have to take a shot at Brett if he doesn’t win HOH. Tyler tells us that he doesn’t feel comfortable sitting next to Brett because the jury might vote for him because they are surprised he made it so far.

It’s time to tell the HGs that it’s DE day! It is time for the first eviction of the night! Here are the votes!

  • Tyler – Haleigh
  • JC – Haleigh
  • Brett – Haleigh
  • Angela – Haleigh

With a vote of 4-0, Haleigh has been evicted first during tonight’s DE!

For the HOH tonight, the HGs are shown video clips from the season and they will have to answer questions based on the video clips they had seen. They will get a point for every correct answer and the HG with the most points after 7 questions will win HOH.

  • Sam and Tyler get a point
  • JC gets a point
  • Tyler and Brett get a point (Tyler is in the lead)
  • JC, Sam, Tyler, and Brett all get a point (Tyler is still in the lead)
  • Sam, Tyler, Brett, and Angela get a point (Tyler is still in the lead)
  • Everyone gets a point (Tyler is still in the lead)
  • Sam, Tyler, and Angela get a point

Tyler wins HOH! It is time for Tyler to name his nominees! Tyler nominates Sam and JC for eviction. Tyler, Kaycee, JC, Angela and Sam are this season F5!

It’s time for the POV comp! They have to use blocks to guide a ball from one end of a puzzle to the other and it must land in a cup at the end. The first HG to do so wins the POV! After only a few minutes of comp time, the POV winner is Angela! Angela decides that she is going to take JC off the block and tells the HGs that this is what she considers “one step ahead.” Tyler tells them that he is two steps ahead and renoms Brett. Brett is furious.

It is live vote and eviction time!

  • JC – Brett
  • Kaycee – Brett
  • Angela – Brett

There you have it, the second HG to leave the Big Brother 20 house tonight is Brett!

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