Tonight on Big Brother 20 we will watch as the remaining HGs battle it out for this week’s HOH. After the HOH comp, the HGs will get a surprise performance from Bebe Rexha. Finally, we will find out which two HGs will be put up on the chopping block this week on Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out who the new HOH is or who the noms are, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details! 

We started this episode of Big Brother 20 off with a look at the fallout from the DE. JC is not happy at all that he wasn’t included in the plan, but he agrees that it was a good move. We get a recap of what happened during Tyler’s HOH during the Double Eviction last week and how they executed the plan to get Brett out of the house.

We then get a look at Sam apologizing to Angela for calling her a bitch in her one on one with Tyler. Angela gives her a hug and tells her it’s okay, but then tells her that eventually, it’s going to be her that sends Sam home. Tyler is doing damage control with Sam and JC and explaining to them that Brett was coming after them. Sam buys it but JC doesn’t. JC is telling Tyler that now the girls want him out, but Tyler is trying to tell him that they want Sam out this week, not JC. He tells us in his DR session that if he wins the HOH, he is putting Tyler up because “payback is a very bad person.”

It is now time for the HOH comp! This comp is called BB Flix and Chill, They will all look at three movie posters and then they will get clues to one specific movie and the first HG to guess the correct movie will get a point. After seven questions, the HG with the most points will win this week’s HOH. Here is the HG got the points for each question:

  1. Angela
  2. Angela
  3. JC
  4. Sam
  5. Sam
  6. Angela
  7. JC

Even though Angela answered the last question wrong and Sam answered correctly, JC answered before Sam so she missed out on tying it up. After the HOH, L6 is talking in the HOH about JC and his scheming. Tyler tells us in the DR that he really needs to figure out who he is bringing to F2 with him if he makes it to the end.

Later, we watch as Angela and Tyler are talking in bed. Angela tells him that she has a secret to tell him and tells him that she is in love with him. He tells her that he has the same secret and then in their DR sessions they both talk about how much they love each other.

After that, we watch as JC tells Tyler that he is upset about this whole thing. He is mad that Brett was taken out of the game and that Angela is now the HOH and how that means he is in danger this week. Tyler is trying to convince him to trust him, but JC doesn’t trust him anymore.

Angela comes out of the DR with a card to read to the HGs. Inside the card says congratulations for making to F5 and to celebrate this accomplishment, they will be attending a private concert by Bebe Rexha! They are all super excited about this. The first song she performs is her new single “I’m a Mess” and they are all singing along enjoying themselves.

After the concert, it’s time for the nomination ceremony. Angela nominates Sam and JC for eviction this week. Angela tells them that she has gotten so much blood on her hands this week and their hands are clean. She adds that if she gets to F2, she doesn’t stand a chance against either of them. Remember, Wednesday is the special eviction episode on Big Brother 20! We will find out who wins this week’s POV and which of the final noms are going to be sent to Jury on Wednesday!

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