It is live eviction night on Big Brother and by the end of tonight’s episode, we will know who will be in the F3 for Big Brother 20! Once we know who the F3 are it’s on to the final HOH competitions which will be done in three rounds! Make sure you check back for all the Big Brother spoilers still to come. In the meantime, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 and join in the conversation below!

We started tonight’s episode off with the fallout from the HOH comp. Angela can’t believe that JC’s first comp win is HOH Final 4. Angela knows that she is going up. It is time for the nomination ceremony and JC nominates Angela and Tyler for eviction. He tells Angela that she is one of his favorite people but when she won HOH she didn’t even make him feel included in what was going on, just threw him on the block as a pawn. He tells Tyler that he made a bitchy move by putting JC on the block during the DE.

It’s time to get a look at the Jury House. Scottie gets back to the house and everyone is shocked that Scottie is back in the house so soon. Haleigh gets to the house and no one wanted to see her, but Fessy is happy to see her. Brett then arrives at the Big Brother Jury House. He goes into the house super annoying like and Rockstar is not happy he is there. Sam shows up and everyone is pretty happy to see her. After each person gets there, they watch the videos and after each video was watched, the next person walked in. It seems like the Jury is pretty mixed on who they think is playing the best game, but it looks like Kaycee might have the most Jury support at this point.

It is now time for the final POV Comp! The winner of this comp will have a spot in F3 and be the sole voter in tonight’s eviction. This competition gives them clues about previous comps and they will have to use a bar that is attached to ropes to drop a ball in the right hole on the board. It’s not as easy as it sounded. If they get the answer wrong or they are the last to buzz in, they get strikes, once the HG gets two strikes, they are eliminated.

  1. JC gets a strike
  2. JC gets a strike (he is eliminated)
  3. Tyler gets a strike
  4. Tyler gets a strike (he is eliminated)
  5. Angela gets a strike
  6. Angela gets a strike after misunderstanding the question (she is eliminated)

Kaycee wins the POV Comp for her fifth POV Comp win in a row. Angela is upset because she knows that she or Tyler will be evicted this week. Tyler is in the DR and he is also upset because he knows that Angela is the target and she will most likely be evicted. Before this commercial break, we are told that voting to AFP has opened! You can vote for your favorite HG by going to!

It is time to find out which of Kaycee’s alliance members is going to the Jury house and which will be going to F3 with her and JC. Kaycee listens to both Angela and Tyler’s eviction speeches. Kaycee tells them that she loves them both and that between the three of them they have won 19 competitions. She decides to evict Angela.

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