Tonight we will watch as either Swaggy or Winston walk out of the Big Brother 20 house. Which HG will find themselves with the most votes to evict? Keep refreshing this page to find out which of these two HGs are greeted by Julie tonight on Big Brother 20!

After we watch the live vote and eviction, we will watch as the remaining HGs compete in this week’s HOH comp! Which HG will win HOH tonight? Keep reading to find out right here!

We started tonight’s episode started off with a look at Kaitlyn and Tyler after BD’ing Swaggy. Swaggy is telling us that it isn’t over until it’s over and he is going to campaign hard and try to get the votes to keep himself safe. Bayleigh goes up to give Kaitlyn a hug but Kaitlyn is feeling guilty. They have a brief conversation and Kaitlyn tells her that she was worried that he was going to come after her and she had to do what’s best for her game.

Meanwhile, Swaggy, Fessy, Rockstar and Scottie are all downstairs and they are talking about votes. They think they have five votes and they know that they need six votes for a tie and seven to stay safe. Bayleigh joins the conversation and she tells him that she just went up to the HOH and Tyler is up there consoling her. She tells him there is no way Swaggy is going home this week.

Winston and Kaycee are talking about the votes he had and he is worried that he won’t have enough votes to stay. He says that he is freaking out a little bit. He has to pack his bags and everything and he isn’t liking this plan at all. Up in the HOH, Fessy and Kaitlyn are talking. He is telling her that he isn’t upset she had to make a big move, he’s upset that he was blindsided by one best friend and had his other best friend BD’d.

Swaggy goes upstairs to talk to Kaitlyn and Tyler. He tells her that he thinks that he was put on the block over a miscommunication. Tyler tells us in his DR that he was the one that fed that to her and he needs to steer this conversation in the direction he needs it to go in. Swaggy tells her that he swears on his dead father’s grave that he didn’t say everything she was told, he said his fair share, but not everything she was told was true. Swaggy also tugs on her heartstrings a little talking about how he wants to be able to spend more time with Bayleigh. Kaitlyn tells us after this that he really did make her feel bad and she tells Tyler that Swaggy can’t go home.

There was then a conversation between Swaggy and Sam. He is being 100% open with her and tells her how hard his life was growing up. His mom left when he was three, he went to 17 schools in eight years and then his father died. She is starting to understand why he is the way he is. Sam tells us in the DR that she got a second chance in this house, maybe he deserves one too.

It is time for the live votes:

  • Bayleigh – Winston
  • Brett – Swaggy
  • Kaycee – Swaggy
  • Tyler – Swaggy
  • Rockstar – Winston
  • Haleigh – Winston
  • Fessy – Winston
  • Scottie – Swaggy
  • JC – Swaggy
  • Angela – Swaggy
  • Rachel – Swaggy (that’s enough votes he will be evicted)
  • Sam – Swaggy

That’s it, with a vote of 8-4, Swaggy has been evicted. Stay tuned for the HOH competition results right here!

HOH Competition

The HGs are playing Product Launch, they will watch two different videos for the launch of the company Pineapple and then they will be asked true or false questions. If they answer the questions wrong, they are eliminated. After the first question, everyone got a point except Kaycee, she was eliminated. After the second question, Sam, Scottie, Rockstar, Fessy and Rachel are the only ones left. Sam is eliminated after the third question.

After the second video, everyone got the fourth question right, Rockstar is eliminated after the fifth question leaving Scottie, Fessy and Rachel. After the sixth question, Fessy is eliminated leaving only Scottie and Rachel. After the final question, there is a tie. They go to a tiebreaker question. Scottie wins the tiebreaker and becomes the next HOH!

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