Some more Big Brother 20 spoilers are coming into us via some pretty reliable sources across social media. We have reports of who the first HOH is in the Big Brother house. Keep reading if you want to know which HG is the first HOH of the season right here!

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: HOH Results - Week 1

We have gotten some pretty reliable information from social media in the past from this particular Reddit source who revealed to us that Megan Lowder had quit last season while the feeds were still down. Are you ready to find out who they revealed won the first HOH comp of the Big Brother 20 season? 

Vegasforsure has revealed that the first HOH winner this season of Big Brother 20 is reported to be…Tyler Crispen! Although we can’t confirm this information to be true, this source has given us some pretty solid information in the past.

On Twitter, they also confirmed that the noms will happen sometime today, no one has been evicted and no HGs have been added to the house. Which means that there are still no vets in the house!

We will find out this Wednesday how the HOH comp on BB20 played out, but Tyler had mentioned in the past that he had no intentions of winning the first HOH in his interview with Ika from ET Canada. This was because he didn’t want to put a target on his back. Everything changes when you actually enter the house.

Make sure you come back for my live recap of the premiere of Big Brother 20 right here and I will continue to pass on information once it becomes available!

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