Looks like it’ll be Jeff and Rachel in Big Brother 2011 Nominations today- as Kalia just practiced her speech with Daniele. Dani told her to please “zing” Rachel. When Kalia told Dani she wouldn’t like Kalia’s nomination speech, that it will be too nice for her.. Dani said.. “ugggg.”


At 5:07 BBT Jeff and Jordan both went OFF on Kalia when she told Jeff she was putting him up. He told her she hadn’t been his number one target. But he will win the VETO. And even if he doesn’t- and  if he goes out- He’ll come right back in, and he’s coming after HER–

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When FEEDS came back from the Food comp, Jordan had hit a low spot and was “having  a moment.” She, Jeff, Rachel and Shelly are Have-Nots for the week.

Jordan's hurting

Once again, it’s difficult to determine where Shelly’s loyalties lie. She told Dani, regarding JeJo that sometimes you “put halos on people.”

Stay tuned to the FEEDS and with us for the official Nominations coming down the pike shortly, and the outcome..

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