If you haven’t been watching your Big Brother 2011 FEEDS– trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this before..Go to Flashback starting at about 10:22am BBT. Run screaming for your FEEDS!!

Rachel has gone off her nut..Saying–in an eerie, dead voice– “Big Brother will never be won by competitors  Only liars and manipulators can win. So I’m not going to compete for anything.”  I would ALMOST believe it was nothing more than a pity party- except for the blank eyes and that voice. *shudder* oh.. that voice…

When Shelly got pissed and called B.S. on all that, Rachel told her that she’d interviewed for 6 jobs and been turned down because of how she was last season on Big Brother.  Shelly told her this was her opportunity to change America’s perception of her. 


It was all for nothing, though I admire the heck outa Shelly for having the balls to tell her the truth about herself.. Which is something Brendon will never do.. HE wants her to go home with him.

LOL– Jordan and Lawon crawled down the hall to listen to it.

MARK MY WORDS— I will not be at ALL surprised if we see Rachel walk out tonight on the LIVE show!!

UPDATE:  This is why you should ALWAYS check in with your partner.. lol

The DH (Dear Hubby) disagreed with me regarding Rachel’s “Grand Exit” tonight. He says she doesn’t really want to go back to the “real world.” Looking for jobs, paying bills, finding an apartment.. all that mundane crap that we non-BB mortals deal with every day. She WANTS to hang out in jury, in a lux Hollywood mansion, being waited on hand and foot by BB lackeys.

It makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it?


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