There was fun in the Big Brother 2011 House for about a minute, as the HG’s threw a mock Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Brenchel.

Brendon enjoying his party

That was in preparation for the mock wedding the house is putting on today. Yes, you heard me right.. They are having a wedding in the Big Brother House, with a trash-bag wedding dress for the elegant Rachel.

Before, after and all around the few seconds of fun was all game talk. It wasn’t five minutes after the gallant Brendon took himself off the block in favor of his fiancee, and Jordon was put up as his replacement, that Brenchel began trying to turn people against JeJo and vote Jordan out.

This is a numbers game right now. The votes are everything. The Big Brother 2011 Newbie Floaters.. Adam, Lawon, Shelly and Kalia hold the power in their hands.  Brenchel worked on Adam and Shelly, trying to get them to keep him–talking about Jordan’s previous win and offering deals all around. Kalia and Lawon will do what Daniele wants–to get rid of Brendon–but it’s still up in the air if Adam and Shelly (the key votes) will turn on JeJo.

Watching the LIVE FEEDS last night was really interesting.. First off, we got to see the whole stripper performance. (Sorry BBAD watchers- DANG that commercial).  We also got to see the VETS go nuts over Porshe spending ALL night up in the HOH room with Daniele.

Yep, that’s right. It appears as if Porshe has turned to the “dark side,” and has cut deals with her. When Rachel entered for a few seconds, all moon-faced from doing her good-bye message to her Bookie, it was SUPER-awkward..When Porshe came back downstairs with the Vets, they grilled her on her convo with Dani and it was really obvious she’d had a change of heart..

Here is a little taste of the party and the before and aftermath..  To see it on your own, Go to SUPERPASS FLASHBACK at 10:55pm  BBT.

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