Wow! Last night was a Big Brother 2011 Live Feeder’s Dream. If you’ve ever asked yourself why folks watch the live feeds?? Last night’s competition was exactly why we sign up every year.

I love the type of competition we had last night. Unlike standing on a little platform, or hanging onto a swing, there is no quitting. No deals cut. Everyone has no choice but to play it hard. And play it hard they did.

Of course you know by now that Jeff won…yayyyy! *muppet flail* FLASHBACK 11:00pm for Jeff’s HOH.

And don’t call me a cat lady (a term the JeJo haters use for people who love them). Here’s my validation. A) it was time for a power shift in the house, and B) it’s the extreme highs and lows-balls to the wall competitions- when your back’s against the wall-that makes this game awesome!

I will not call my Big Brother 2011 F2 dream-team here. It’s way too early. But if you’re a true gamer–you don’t JUST want your favorite up against someone with no chance to win.. You want two HG’s up there who scrapped and took chances. Two folks who were….adversaries, maybe? And make the jury have to work, too.

Shelly came at Rachel last night up in HOH, telling her she was sick of the eye-rolling and the dirty looks, and that if they were to continue to work together, it had to stop. I was actually impressed with Rachel’s restraint, as she nodded and said little. That’s right, my friends.. I used the words Rachel and restraint in the same sentence. (on a side note- apparently Shelly hid Rachel’s stuffed dog last night–a juvenile move-poor taste Shelly..)

Now.. I can dust off and re-use a term I used wayyyy back in Jordan’s HOH–WWJJD? What will Jeff and Jordan do? Last night, Jeff rolled the different scenarios out. 1) Dani has the Veto ticket, which guarantees her playing in this week’s veto. 2) He puts her up, and she wins-any kind of temporary peace between them is smashed. 3)Put up Kalia and Porshe and try to deal with Dani- to NOT use veto if she wins. 3) With K/P on the block and and anyone other than D/P/K wins–they could use it, and backdoor Dani.

It’s a tough decision.. Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS today for Jeff’s nominations and the Have Not comp. Speaking of the HN comp-What did you vote for? Apparently Durian is this appalling fruit from Indonesia that smells like death and has the consistency of rotting flesh.. *shudder*

And if you still, STILL? Don’t have the FEEDS?? This will be one of the most crucial THREE DAY FREE TRIAL EVER!!!

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