It seems that half of the Big Brother 2013 cast is out to get Elissa Slater off the show and have some real resentment towards her, as seen by the actions taken by Jeremy McGuire last night on the Live Feeds. What did he do now? Well, our Big Brother 2013 spoilers tell us that he took Elissa’s hat and proceeded to wipe his butt with it! I’ve said it before, but how old are these people on Big Brother 15 and where did CBS find them?

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Jeremy Wipes Butt

This is beyond disgusting and you know if producers did not call him into the Diary Room and call him out on it no one would have ever told Elissa about it. We get it….Jeremy lives on a boat, but has he never interacted with people before?

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The action goes down at 6:55 PM (Big Brother Time) on the live feeds and you can see a snap shot of it above thanks to Big Brother Network. So, what happened because of this? Jeremy was called into the Diary Room and given a warning. At about 11:15 PM (BBT), he forces an apology to Elissa in the Cockpit Room and he is worried that he doesn’t know what is going to happen to him. Elissa accepts his apology.

Later on, we find out that Jeremy was unaware of the fact that people could be kicked out of the Big Brother 2013 house for their actions. Has he ever seen the show? Do you think a warning and forced apology was enough of a punishment?

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