Brace yourselves for some major drama tonight on Big Brother 2013, as we work our way through Week 5 on Big Brother 15 and get to the final three nominees for eviction. The live eviction show will be back tomorrow night on CBS, but we have to see who Big Brother host Julie Chen may possibly be talking to. We have the Big Brother MVP nominee to find out tonight and then the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony to get through. Watch along with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap tonight!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Aaryn and Amanda

With America as the MVP for the second week in a row, it has all the HouseGuests in an uproar and that makes things interesting over on the Live Feeds! This cast for Big Brother 15 is all over the place with their paranoia and the only reason for that is because they keep adding more and new alliances every day. Aaryn has even worked her way into a Final 4 alliance, if that tells you anything!

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We will begin where we left off on Big Brother 2013: Aaryn putting Spencer and Howard up as her HoH nominees. She claims she had to do what was best for her game, but she did what was best for Helen’s game. Let’s hope she wakes up to this before the eviction show tomorrow night!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…Howard says that Helen and Elissa have flexed their muscles and had someone put up as a target that is not controlling anything. That is so true!

Helen celebrates with Aaryn in the HoH room and then Aaryn and GinaMarie think they are sitting pretty now. Amanda joins them and is so excited that Howard is on the block and she has been trying for weeks….yeah, we know Amanda!

Then Jessie has a moment with Howard and says she wants him to win Veto and he deserves this money the most. Now McCrae talks with Spencer and said that Howard is the target because he is a beast and Spencer needs to win Veto to keep Howard going home.

Howard calls a house meeting on Big Brother 2013 and he wants to call out the schemes in the house. Judd says that people say they don’t understand him, but he has no clue what Howard is talking about. This is true, as no one seems to be paying attention and no one understands him! Andy, McCrae, Judd and Amanda make fun of the speech afterwards in the HoH room and Amanda is glad because everyone thinks Howard is gunning after them now.

Amanda and McCrae have moved out to the hammock and he is feeling comfortable in the game. Elissa comes up and she thinks Andy got MVP, but we all know that is not true.

Before picking players for the Power of Veto Competition, let’s see who America nominated for their nominee and it is Amanda!!! Helen said it was a bad move because she is not going home, but Howard is excited to have a bigger target up there!

The players for the Veto are Aaryn, Spencer, Howard, Amanda, Candice and Jessie. Helen will be the host and she is overly excited to be the host. Anyone else annoyed by her???

McCrae said he would bet his life on it that Howard is the MVP, but Spencer is not buying it. Now they think that America is not MVP because we would never put up Amanda…yeah right! She is starting to freak out and she sits down with Howard and she wants him gone because she can’t manipulate him on Big Brother 2013!

Power of Veto Competition: Helen is dressed as a mad scientist. The first ever veto has been destroyed and they will have to go back in time and put it back together. They go in a time machine and they walk out and they go back to Jurassic Park. They have to go around and find their pieces and create a puzzle of the veto stone.

The players head out and are grabbing their puzzle pieces. These players are struggling with this puzzle and no one seems to be getting it. Amanda is moving along, which has inspired Spencer to move faster. She then notices she forgot some of the pieces, so she has to go out and get them. Spencer has it almost done, but he forgets one piece and runs out and gets it. He finishes before Amanda and Spencer wins Veto on Big Brother 2013. So, Howard is the target still, huh?

They meet in the HoH room and Aaryn feels that Candice has been the center of all her problems and she wants her gone and Amanda thinks it would be a vote for her. Helen said she would do what the group wants, but tell Candice she fought for her.

Candice feels Howard and Spencer are not fighting to stay there, so she goes and talks to Helen to keep Howard in Big Brother 2013. She felt that Helen had an alliance with Candice and Amanda is in the house. Candice is not taking crap right now and calling Helen out on her stuff. Helen said that Aaryn came to her with the deal and she is not in control, but Candice said she is an ally and coming to her with a deal.

Helen then runs to the HoH room and makes up lies about Candice and she is threatening her and everyone if they vote out Howard. Everyone thinks Candice is dumb, but you are all dumb for sitting there and believing anything that Helen tells you. How did I ever like Helen on Big Brother 2013?

Veto Ceremony time: Spencer, of course, uses the veto to remove himself from the block. That means Aaryn must put up a renom and she names Candice as the renom (big shocker). The final three nominees for Week 5 on Big Brother 2013 are Candice, Howard and Amanda.

Who do you want to see evicted tomorrow night on Big Brother 15?

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