We have arrived at another Thursday night during the summer and that means only one things for true Big Brother 15 fans: time for the live eviction show on Big Brother 2013! Big Brother host Julie Chen is back and it is time to see another HouseGuest get voted off tonight on Big Brother 2013. That means it is also time for me to make my Big Brother 2013 predictions for Week 3. Who goes home tonight on Big Brother 15? Check out my thoughts in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 3 Eviction

We saw some of the big events of the week last night on Big Brother on CBS, as Elissa won MVP for the third straight week and nominated Spencer. Kaitlin won the Power of Veto competition and then used it to take herself off the block, which then Helen used the renom on Jeremy. That was the plan and it actually worked, even though they were scared on whether or not Kaitlin would use it.

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So, our final nominees for Week 3 on Big Brother 2013 are Aaryn, Jeremy and Spencer. As much as I would love to see Aaryn go home tonight, I don’t think that is a remote possibility. Jeremy is equally hated and a bigger threat at winning challenges, so the house has decided to target him this week and I think the vote will be an easy one.

It may not be Aaryn, but at least one from that side of the house will be leaving, right? Who do you think will go home tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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