She came into the Big Brother 2013 house with a huge target on her back, which just happened to be Rachel Reilly. Elissa Slater may not have been her sister, but a lot of the HGs put her on the same page as her sister and she became an instant target on Big Brother 15. Thanks to the Big Brother MVP twist, it kept her in the game longer than many wanted and she walked out of the house as America’s Favorite HouseGuest. Watch the interview with Jeff Schroeder below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers video.

Big Brother 2013 - Elisa

Okay, Elissa was a lot to handle at times and I felt bad for her at other times. She did have a huge target on her back and she should have known that coming in. It is rough to sit and listen to her talk at times and she always seems so nervous. I would like to see her at home and relaxed. Maybe she wouldn’t sound like such an airhead?

Check out her interview here:

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