We have all seen and heard the comments made by Aaryn Gries on Big Brother 2013 and many were calling for her dismissal from Big Brother 15. That never happened, but her eviction last week finally did happen at the hands of the other remaining HouseGuests and the interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen afterwards received a lot of attention. Whether you thought it was harsh or not, we now have some words from Aaryn’s mother about the situation and some words of apologies in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below.

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Aaryn

So, what does mom think of her daughter’s words and actions on Big Brother 2013? She released a statement to the Los Angeles Times:

“While I love and continue to support my daughter Aaryn, words cannot describe my disappointment in some of her comments made on Big Brother. These inappropriate comments certainly do not represent the value system under which her father and I have raised her. Aaryn is a young 22-year-old college student that has spent 70 days living in a fish bowl and making mistakes for America to see.”

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Well, Aaryn wasn’t raised that way, but she did say the things, correct? In order to prove she isn’t racist, you know Mom is going to pull out the “black friend” card and so on. Yup, she did it. She went to the senior prom with an African American man and then goes on to say: “Aaryn’s first true love was Cuban American, and she has cousins of Japanese descent who she truly loves. She has never discriminated against anyone for their sexual orientation whether within our family or not. Aaryn truly loves all people equally.”

When you have to pull out cards like that and defend the fact that you are not a racist and these are the reasons why, then you are probably a racist. She goes on to think that CBS used this to benefit them and not show her apologies to the HGs: “It appears that it was beneficial for Big Brother to focus on the negative comments made by Aaryn to boost ratings. Again, I DO NOT condone those inappropriate comments, but I — and I am sure the entire Big Brother audience — would have appreciated the show’s producers also airing her complete statement acknowledging the mistakes she made and more of her apologies to the Houseguests while still ‘in the house.'”

Does that include the night before her eviction and her continued racist comments then? She cooled down on the comments, but then knew she was going home and let the real Aaryn come out again on Big Brother 2013.

While I loved the way Julie Chen handled the situation and the interview with Aaryn, her mother seems to think differently: “I am disappointed that a woman of Julie Chen’s stature would choose to attack Aaryn and influence America to judge the fallacies she [Chen] seems to have about Aaryn.”

Well, I personally think many people were not fans of Aaryn way before Julie made any comments about it. What do you think? I get that she is trying to defend her daughter, but just avoid the media and let it all float away. People have already forgotten about her, so let it be!

Read the full story here.

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