We are only days away from the Big Brother 15 premiere and we have a little breakdown of the Big Brother 2013 schedule, as it concerns the premiere. With the announcement of the cast on Thursday, it seems like things have been moving way to slow for me. Who just wants to see these new HouseGuests in action on Big Brother 15???

Big Brother season premiere

For the new season of Big Brother USA, these are the dates for things as we get closer and closer to the Big Brother 2013 premiere:

  • Big Brother 15 cast revealed – June 20
  • Big Brother 15 HG enters the house – June 21 (rumor has it they moved in Friday night)!!!
  • Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird sale ends – June 25
  • Big Brother 15 premiere on CBS – June 26 @ 8PM ET/PT
  • Big Brother Live Feeds turn on – June 26 @ 9PM PT (BBT)
  • Big Brother After Dark premieres on TVGN – June 27 @ 12AM ET/PT

There is so much to look forward to this season, with more houseguests, the new twists and 100 days of summer ahead of us, Wednesday is just the beginning of some fun times ahead this summer! I look forward to sharing those good times with you all! Check out this cool video they put together over at Big Brother Network for the cast:

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