The weekend is coming to an end and so is this season of Big Brother 2013, as we are left with only five HouseGuests after the live double eviction show last time on Big Brother 15! Is anyone else out there shocked that The Exterminators are still intact? I thought for sure it would have been disassembled the week after Andy came off the block and he was using it for safety, but we all know why it is still together: GinaMarie won HoH that following week and Andy migrates to the power every week, but we are the only ones that see it apparently! Another new episode of Big Brother 2013 tonight, so get a preview in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers video below!

Big Brother 2013 - Episode 32

Now for all the superfans of Big Brother out there, we know what happens tonight on CBS. If you don’t read any of my Big Brother 2013 spoilers or you just watch what CBS shows us, then tonight will bring you some new information and a new Head of Household as Week 11 kicks off!

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We have a fast and intense week on Big Brother 2013, as the HGs will have an eviction show taped on Tuesday, which will air on Wednesday night and then all the happenings of a week in the house taking place from that point on until Thursday night’s live eviction show. We will be down to the Final 3 on Thursday night, but who will be there?

Sneak peek here and then make sure to come back tonight for my Live Recap and watch with us:

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