It has been quite an interesting season for GinaMarie Zimmerman on Big Brother 2013. She doesn’t seem like the smartest cookie, but she has won one Head of Household competition (more than Amanda Zuckerman can say). She has made her way through some racial slurs, many tears for her showmance Nick Uhas and tears for an HoH blog that failed big time. While the Big Brother 15 house is quiet right now with another planned eviction a week in advance, let’s look at that HoH blog that brought so many tears to GM’s eyes! Check it out in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - GinaMarie Crying

We all know that GM made a huge scene when Nick was sent home early in the season, but she has obsessed over this guy and the proof is in this HoH blog. If I were Nick, I would be running scared and getting a restraining order from this crazy lady! While reading this, you might think it was written by a kid in elementary school, but nope…this is GM at her finest! Check it out here:

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“OMG BBVX this weeks been crazy!!!! i can’t believe I’m had the honor of being HOH!!! Its awesome my BB Bunny gave me my key hahahah soooooo awesome it was perfect !!!

the only thing that could of made being HOH perfect was having Nick here to share it with me :-(((. I miss him like crazy . but i know he’s routing me on back home and is super duper proud of me … if you ever see that “Blue Hat” it means i’m thinking of you and knowing your still with me in this crazy house . Nick you made me feel so special and always made me smile and laugh. you are such an amazing guy . i don’t know how I’m living here without you lol. just know i’m playing nice, staying cool, and working hard for us . i’ll see you soon !!!

First night as HOH was AMAZING!!!! everyone got to see my pic and all my cool ass stuff ! Being HOH is amazing !!! but it not all sunshine and rainbows … you know you have to nom 2 house guest and thats one of my hardest jobs. but it a dirty job an somebody’s Got to do it !!!

Last but not least i Finally got my hair dyed thanks to Elissa . she rocks !!!! It came out amazing . Whooo hooooo !!!

i’ll leave off on this note . I coundt be happier living in the Big brother House . I met the most amazing people and maybe even found the man of my dreams ! i coundt of asked for anything more , even though theres ups and downs and you miss your family and friends back at home. I feel truly blessed for bing here and living my dreams . I thank you all so much , I may not be the best writer but i try lol. thank you to my friends and family back at home in staten island new york … thank you all so much you i love you !!! Well i guess I’m all done … i love all you BB fans… keep watching its gonna get even more wild and crazy ohhhhh and it you like think of me and give me some luck so i can be the next MVP lol. thank you all so much”

This HoH blog for Big Brother 2013 may be a couples weeks old, but it still cracks me up! I can see why she was crying for not being able to spell anything and I can also see why she is still planning a wedding with Nick, even though they had absolutely nothing during the season.

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