It was Saturday in the Big Brother 2013 house and it did seem a little boring (only because the Live Feeds went out for over five hours for the Power of Veto competition). After everything was said and done, it seems like we know where things are headed this week for the Week 3 eviction on Big Brother 15, but we also started last week out thinking Elissa would go home, so things change during the week on Big Brother 2013! Check out some highlights from yesterday in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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The big news of the day: PoV competition! Helen came in with a plan of backdooring Jeremy with someone from their side winning Veto. Well, Kaitlin screws it up and wins Veto. Will she save herself knowing that Jeremy is set to be backdoored? It appears that she will, after a conversation with Andy and Helen. They promise to keep her safe for the next few weeks if she uses it on herself. Elissa is the pawn and her MVP winning ability, but there has to come a time where Elissa starts playing her own game and using that MVP to benefit her and not do what everyone is telling her, right?

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Jeremy and Kaitlin share moments together, but they know that Jeremy is going home. They try to spell each other’s names, in order to find each other on Facebook when Big Brother 2013, and neither of them can spell…a match made in heaven?

GinaMarie still misses Nick and is still crying over him and wearing his hat! She takes time away from her crazy moments to be racist yet again, as she says “too bad they don’t have any nail technician Asians in the house” and Candice should “go back to Africa.” I swear, if GinaMarie and Aaryn don’t leave soon enough than Candice or Howard are going to go ballistic on this ignorant girls.

As far as game play, it appears that Amanda wants Howard gone next because he has more power than Jeremy does. Judd wants to go after some girls next and thinks that Aaryn would be an easy target (duh). I say get rid of that whole side of the Big Brother 2013 house (Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn and GinaMarie) and we can finally start playing a real game and enjoy the HouseGuests this season, right?

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