After all the fighting and drama the night before, Friday was more of a calm day/night in the Big Brother 2013 house, especially with nominations coming last night! GinaMarie is following orders with her nominations, which makes for a boring day on Big Brother 15. Let’s mix it up a little bit, HouseGuests!!! America’s nominee is announced today along with the Power of Veto players and competition, so a Candice victory throws this whole plan off! Check out some highlights from yesterday in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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The day started with some damage control, as Jessie and Amanda talk and apologize for the things they said to each other and blah, blah, blah. Helen joins them (no big shocker there) and she was hurt for Jessie being upset about Helen not inviting her to the BBQ. In true Helen fashion, she turns on the water works because Jessie hurt her. She has that way about turning the conversation to being about her and making people feel guilty for something Helen initially did.

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Before the nominations were even made by GM, everyone in the house knew it was Jessie and Candice going up and Candice was the main target. She didn’t disappoint, but the talk of the day was on those two. It seems Judd, Andy, McCrae, Helen and Amanda have all thought about getting Jessie out first before Candice, but will this go anywhere on Big Brother 2013? At the nomination ceremony, GM called  Candice a “tattletale rat” and Jessie was a “flip-flopper.” Tomorrow night’s episode should end on a bang then!

There was MVP speculation and paranoia. Aaryn thinks she could go up and then be in danger of going home. Spencer and McCrae think America is MVP, but Amanda said no way because they would NEVER put her on the block. Funny thing is, they’ll probably do it two weeks in a row, girl!

The HGs had a contest on who could do the best GinaMarie impersonation and the winner was McCrae (sad, huh)? For winning, he gave his BBQ party invite to Jessie in exchange for the HoH bedroom for the night. Are they ever not in it? Jessie gets her BBQ and the fighting from the night before didn’t need to happen!

It was an early night for these HGs, as production told them it would be an early morning today on Big Brother 2013. Veto Competition must be a long one?

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