I have said this and thought this many times over the past few days, but having Elissa as Head of Household for Week 9 on Big Brother 2013 has brought new life back into the game and brought drama/paranoia that this game normally has! We don’t have the normal routine of Amanda and McCrae sleeping in the HoH bed and calling all the shots. We don’t have Andy popping into the HoH room to get info to go back to McCranda with. We don’t have people doing it in the HoH bed! The Live Feeds on Big Brother 15 are entertaining to watch and these HGs have gone mad because no one knows what the expect! Check out some highlights from Sunday Funday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 15 - AmandaPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

Judd and Elissa start the day out talking and it appears he legitimately wants to work with her. He hates how he got played by McCranda. He doesn’t want Andy on the block and thinks GinaMarie would be the better renom, but Elissa seems pretty content on putting Andy on the block (maybe to get back for betraying Helen)???

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Things slowed down, but then crap hit the fan. Again, there is so much activity going on in that Big Brother 2013 house, so don’t be angry if I miss certain details. McCrae and Elissa get into it. It is a back-and-forth argument about you moved my stuff, stay out of my stuff, don’t touch my things and so on. Elissa said McCrae is gross and he calls her the “Queen Bitch.”

Shockingly, Amanda was in bed during this encounter. The yelling got her out of bed (shocking again) and then hell broke loose. Amanda decided to “torture” Elissa and is determined to get her to self-evict. She dressed up as a grandma and went around blowing horns in Elissa’s face, putting condoms on things, ketchup on pads, calling her terrible names and saying even more vile things about her family and kids. Elissa laughed it off and went up to her HoH room and locked the door, which Amanda sat outside screaming and knocking on the door. Amanda was eventually called into the Diary Room and told to cool it down for a while and no threats or make other HGs feel scared or penalty nom!

Amanda’s plan: torture Elissa and then have Andy go up and console her so it looks like Andy is against Amanda and she won’t name Andy as the renom. The plan = big failure! She spent a lot of time reading the rule book to see what she could and could not do to Elissa without getting in trouble.

While the antics of Amanda are going on, GM did bring up some of Elissa’s clothes so they were safe and she seemed sincere with Elissa about Amanda looking like a fool. GM also tells Amanda and Aaryn that she would never vote out Aaryn, so who knows where her head is at. Judd also goes up to the HoH room and they talk and he tells her not to feed into what Amanda is trying to do.

During the evening, the live feeds cut to trivia for a while. This happens usually during some kind of ceremony, but when they came back nothing seemed different. We got a lot of fish throughout the night. Also, the Photo Booth was re-opened for the week, which never happens. Then crazy things started happening, like noises outside the front door, cameras spinning wild and HGs think something is going down. Paranoia kicks in and they think Elissa is locked in the HoH room with Pandora’s Box! Amanda also thinks that Judd came back with a special power, so we start that ride again on Big Brother 2013!

I don’t know what was going on, but it was odd and we have not seen Pandora’s Box and what better time to do it then when Elissa is the HoH, right?

It seems that Andy has finally come to the realization that he is going on the block, but him and Spencer agree this is best. They can get rid of Aaryn without having to go against Amanda to do it. While they are in the backyard discussing it with Judd, Amanda and Aaryn are talking and giggling about things and GM is over it. She runs in the backyard and sits in the hammock. This turns into a rant from her about Aaryn and how she treats her and how Aaryn acts in the house. Needless to say, she seems fine with voting out Aaryn, but could it be an acting job on her part?

The guys don’t think so, as a new alliance is formed: Andy, Judd, Spencer and GM. Yup and they are calling themselves “The Exterminators” and will be getting rid of the “rats and snakes” in the Big Brother 2013 house. How can that be possible when the Queen Rat (Andy) is part of the alliance? They want to break up McCranda and none of them want either of them in the Final 2. However, Andy is reluctant to do it next week and thinks Elissa is the bigger target. It’s never time for him to go after Amanda and people don’t understand or see that!

Andy is in the alliance to remain safe this week and The Exterminators will vote out Aaryn. The new HoH this week is going to be HUGE! It looks like Andy will go up as the renom today and Aaryn will be going home. Many people are upset it isn’t Amanda, but remember when everyone wanted Aaryn gone immediately. It looks to finally be happening and we should all rejoice!

If McCranda get HoH, then we are screwed. If Elissa or this new Exterminators alliance get it, I am not sure. They said they’d be willing to work with Elissa, but I think Spencer and Andy are shady and doing it to save Andy. I am Team Judd and rooting for him to win HoH this week because he seems dead set on getting Amanda out!

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