I have done this before and seeming that I write the content for Big Big Brother, I am allowed to have my own rants when I want to and I am in need of doing it now for Big Brother 2013. I see the comments from fans on here and one out Facebook page and it gets me so riled at times and it makes me wish Big Brother 15 was over! I don’t want it to end though and am intrigued to see how it all plays out. What I can’t stand is the people who will not move past all these conspiracy theories. I thought we would be done with it last night, but I was totally wrong and my Big Brother 2013 spoilers have included comments I can’t even handle!

Big Brother 2013 - Episode 27

Let me start with this: we all saw Amanda and Elissa evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house last night during the double eviction show. This season started with everyone hating the fact that Elissa was in the house and why was she there. It intensified when she won MVP for the first three weeks and it was fixed for her. Then that switched and we all thought Amanda was best friends with the executive producer and the season was fixed for her. So, both gone and the season is no longer fixed, right?

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You would think, but people continue to talk about this stuff and I just don’t get it. People were so adamant that this season was fixed for Amanda and it was rigged and so obvious and can’t believe CBS would do this and blah blah.

She goes home last night and it doesn’t stop there. CBS knew everyone found out about their plan, so they made sure Amanda was evicted. Amanda is pregnant and she had to leave the house. It is still rigged for Amanda and McCrae will win, which then the money still goes to Amanda.

How is this possible? I’ll admit that the producers do manipulate what the HGs do and even the competitions that take place. They may want to see certain results, but it also takes the work of the HGs to make it all work out. I mean, Elissa needed to win HoH a couple weeks ago and the competition happened to be balancing on a platform and catching balls. She is a yoga instructor, so balancing is up her alley.

If things don’t go the way you like them on Big Brother 2013, then don’t make up some conspiracy theory or think it is rigged for a certain HG. It will all play out and we will find out the winner. Will it be who we want? Not always, but it does happen and were we complaining then about it being rigged?

Sure, Judd is the only HG left that I want to win the money, but I’m not going to stop watching if he goes home. I want to know who the winner of Big Brother 15 is. If Judd goes home, than I will be upset but not say that CBS fixed it! Also, we have yet to see Pandora’s Box this season, so let’s keep an eye out for that!

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