CBS and Big Brother host Julie Chen promised us a new twist that would give America more power than ever before, but we have been voting for Big Brother MVP and that was a lot of power, so what did she mean on Big Brother 2013 last night??? Well, the Big Brother MVP for Week 3 has already been determined and it is us! Yup, America is MVP for Week 3 and we get to nominate the third HouseGuest put up for eviction on Big Brother 15 for Week 4! Check out the details in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below and vote in our Big Brother poll!

Big Brother 15 MVP

So, instead of voting for who we want to be Big Brother MVP for Week 4, we will be voting for who we want to be the third nominee for Week 4. We are the MVP and get to put up the third nominee. Here is what I know right now and what I am thinking:

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  • The Head of Household (Judd this week) will put up his two nominees and if the person America voted for is one of the two nominees than it goes to the person with the highest number of votes that Judd did not put on the block.
  • According to the Live Feeds last night, it appears that Judd might be growing a pair of balls and not going to let Amanda run the show and he wants a girl gone this week! His thoughts: GinaMarie and Kaitlin on the block and maybe a backdoor of Elissa?
  • What if the person that America nominates ends up being removed with the Veto? Do we get to vote again or does Judd get to renom someone? This is an interesting twist on Big Brother 2013, but did CBS think it all the way through?

Anyway, my mind is thinking that everyone will be voting for Aaryn, so she should get the third nominee spot, unless people screw up and still vote Elissa thinking they are voting for MVP still. Vote in our poll and tell me who you voted for this week:

Place your votes for real at the CBS site right here, but they close at 9/8c tonight so hurry up and vote!!!

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