While everyone is basking in the glory of the blindside from last night on Big Brother 2013 and Helen winning Head of Household for Week 3 on Big Brother 15, we have to remember that the game goes on and we are already giving you Big Brother 2013 spoilers and we have the nominees for eviction for Week 3! Yup, the Eviction Ceremony has taken place in the Big Brother 2013 house and fund out who Helen put on the block below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 3 Nominees

The Live Feeds blew up last night after the live show on CBS and there were some nasty comments coming from the Mean Girls alliance. If Howard would not have been there, I think Candice would have been kicked out of the game for slapping down all of them!!! She held some constraint, but Howard picked her up and carried her out of the room!

See it all go down on the Live Feeds and for 30% less than last year!!!

With that being said, today has been a chance for Helen to try and figure things out as HoH. I was so excited for her to win, but now I am wondering what he plan is. She was talking about backdooring either Howard or Spencer, but then Jeremy’s name is often thrown in the mix. She seems to be making plans with both Aaryn and Jeremy, but is it game play? Who knows, but here are her two nominees for Week 3:

  • Aaryn
  • Kaitlin

Am I complaining? Not at all, but the plan is Elissa wins MVP and then her nominee is going to be huge. Do they out up Jeremy and hope he doesn’t win Veto or do they backdoor him? Or will Howard get the backdoor? These players are thinking now (well, except the Mean Girls) and it is getting quite interesting!!!

What do you think of the nominees from Helen on Big Brother 2013?

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