I don’t know why CBS keeps pushing the knife deeper and deeper into our hearts where Big Brother 2015 is concerned, but it happened again last night! A fresh week and a fresh start for Big Brother 17, right? Yeah, that didn’t happen! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:16:2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

After we saw Jeff get evicted last night, the new HoH competition took place and how lame was that one? Of course, Shelli and Liz won and my heart sank. All those hopes of something positive happening this week were dashed and here I am with a glass of wine in my hand and it’s only 9:30 in the morning….something has to help me through this week, right?

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After the Live Feeds came back on, it seems the house was trying to figure out the four votes for James. This is where the crazy train started up and Vanessa was the conductor, yet again. She is a professional poker player, so she can read people and their pulses and will get to the bottom of this. In the end, Becky voted for James and Audrey is America’s Player (she is so good at this, huh)?

I missed the memo, but didn’t I say above that Shelli and Liz won HoH? Yeah, you could have fooled me because Vanessa and Clay had a very long discussion about nominees and I just assumed they had won and I watched the wrong show last night. They both took the crazy pill before this conversation, as it went from Audrey should be the backdoor target for Liz because she is America’s Player to Vanessa being able to control her and they need to keep her to Jason being the target along with James and Meg.



Vanessa and Clay, wait, I mean Shelli and Liz get their HoH rooms and the speculation begins. Becky, again, was the fourth vote. Clay wants Becky and Jason on opposite sides and then have a backdoor plan ready in case one wins veto. Again, Becky is a mastermind and Audrey is America’s Player.

Shelli tells Vanessa it could have been Liz who had the fourth vote (it was), so Vanessa said she’ll talk to Becky about it because Becky isn’t a good liar and she can tell (Vanessa is such a smart lady). Becky also mentioned keeping the twins rather than let a juror come back into the game.

Vanessa comes up with a plan for Shelli to nominate Jason/Steve and Liz nominates Becky/Jackie. Shelli thinks about nominating Audrey and Becky and having the other side throw it to keep Audrey safe that week because, you know, who wouldn’t want to do that for innocent Audrey???

Shelli and Clay talk and she wants Austin gone this week, but doesn’t want to upset Liz (because we can’t upset anyone in the Big Brother 2015 house). The night did come to an end and Shelli kicked Clay out of the HoH room because she needed some rest!

So, they decided to sleep on it and figure out noms today. It is all over the place right now, as they want to keep their allies in place and not upset anyone at the same time. It looks like Jason could be the target, but I have faith in him. Also, Julia and Liz switch out today, so that could totally mess with the nominations, right? Liz will tell her what is going on, but maybe Julia thinks differently?

We’ll see what Friday brings with the Nomination Ceremony and Battle of the Block competition coming up. In the meantime, some photos from Thursday:

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