It looks like CBS is loving the endurance comps this season on Big Brother 17 and even combined it with the jury competition tonight on Big Brother 2015. This was a big week and we can’t deal with another week of the Austwins in charge, right? So, who won HOH for Week 10 on Big Brother 2015? Find out the results below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 10 HOH Comp Results

As things ended on the live show tonight, we started the endurance comp and it looked like this one was going to go on a while. The good guys have had success when it comes to the endurance comps, so I am hoping for the same results tonight on Big Brother 17! Get the full details on tonight’s competition over in my live blog right here, otherwise scroll down for the results!


The winner of HoH for Week 10 is:

  • Vanessa

To be honest, there aren’t many details to give. People were falling like crazy and it came down to her and Johnny Mac (that means JMac won the jury comp). He offered her a safety deal; she said no because she wants a letter from her girlfriend and needs that (she has been HOH twice). She offered him a safety deal; he turns her down. However, he fell shortly afterwards and that meant Vanessa won.

There has been talk of a scandal and Vanessa cheating during the comp, but that is not true. Yes, she was leaning on the disc with her butt, but that is allowed as long as your feet are still touching (hers were). Jackie seemed to sit completely on the disc and no feet, so she was disqualified.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.06.40 PM

So, what do you think of the results on Big Brother 17 tonight?

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