Nicole Franzel has dubbed Michelle Meyer the Big Brother 2016 version of Christine Brecht. If you watched Big Brother 16, you know that Christine had a major hand in Nicole’s eviction. Therefore, Nicole has been deathly afraid that history would repeat itself with Michelle. Michelle added to Nicole’s fear by bluntly (repeatedly) stating that she wants Nicole out of the Big Brother 18 house. She even called her a snake on national TV.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Week 10

Therefore, it makes sense for Nicole to use her power this week to try to ensure Michelle’s eviction from the Big Brother 2016 house. Nicole started this plan by nominating Michelle and Paul Abrahamian for eviction this week.

She wanted to use Paul as a pawn, and as a way to hide her alliance with him and Victor Arroyo. She needed to keep Natalie Negrotti and James Huling happy until eviction night. The next step to Nicole’s eviction plan was to make sure Michelle didn’t win this week’s Veto competition.

The Power of Veto was a Christmas themed Stay and Fold veto competition. It ended up becoming a battle between Michelle and Nicole for the Veto. Nicole needed to win this one, or she could kiss her dreams of seeing Michelle walk out that door goodbye. Luckily for Nicole, she won this week’s Veto competition as well.

For a little while, Nicole pondered whether to use the Veto to remove Paul from the block, and the replace him with Natalie or James. Victor and Paul both wanted James out this week more than Michelle. However, they knew that they couldn’t push their agenda too much on Nicole, or it could backfire and result in Paul’s eviction instead.

Nicole considered nominating Natalie just as a way to make sure that Michelle got voted out, but dismissed this idea out of fear of James, Victor, and Paul joining forces. She eventually concluded that not using the Veto was the best option this week. It allowed Nicole to keep playing the middle until eviction night.

Today during the Power of Veto meeting, Nicole did not use the Veto. This means that either Michelle or Paul will be evicted this week.

Everything seems set for Michelle’s eviction, but will Corey and Nicole change their minds before Thursday night’s Big Brother 18 Live eviction show?

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