It is all becoming a reality! Big Brother 2017 is getting closer and closer and now CBS is teasing us even more. They have released the first Big Brother 19 promo video telling us how much we do miss them (like we don’t know already)! Check it out below in our Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers - CBS Gives Us First BB19 Promo Video

Source: Twitter

To be honest, there is not much to see here. They are giving us the Big Brother 2017 premiere, which we already announced was June 28. However, it is a good chance to see some familiar faces from last summer and previous summers!

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You know that every subscription, no matter if you sign up today or when the live feeds start, helps me out and is truly appreciated! So, get to signing up and see even more of those familiar faces before Big Brother 19 starts, as you re-watch BB15. That was a good season, right?

Check out the promo video for Big Brother 2017 right here:

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