Even though we won’t see the Big Brother 19 veto ceremony until tonight, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the noms will stay the same. We also know that there is a plan in place for tonight’s live eviction. If you have missed any of those plans, you can find all the details in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!
Big Brother 2017 Who Will Be Evicted - Final 4 (POLL)

With Christmas being the sole vote tonight in the Big Brother 19 live eviction, we could probably expect things to go in the direction that Paul wants them to go in. However, there is still a chance where Paul realizes that his plan, might not be the best plan for him. Either way, we will know who the Big Brother 19 F3 are by the end of tonight’s episode.

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Although the plan is to evict Kevin, is that really the smart move for Paul to make? Most people will say no because Josh is a stronger competitor than Kevin is. Who is the real threat to Paul’s chances of winning? Although Kevin has floated through this game and hasn’t won a competition, Kevin is the better choice for a guaranteed win.

If Kevin is evicted and Josh and Christmas go on to F3 with Paul and Josh sweeps the final HOH, Josh takes Christmas to F2, Paul takes third. If Josh is evicted, Paul can beat both Christmas and Kevin without a doubt, Paul possibly wins Big Brother 19. This also depends on if the Jury is bitter and votes against Paul. There are still many ways this game could go, even though we are all convinced that it will be Paul that takes home the $500k in the end. I guess we will have to wait and see. For now, I want to know who you think will be evicted tonight during the live eviction. Let me know by voting in my poll below!

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