It is that time of the week where I tell you who I think will be leaving the Big Brother 20 house and heading to jury! If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother house, make sure you catch up with all our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up before tonight’s Live Eviction. Keep reading to find out who I think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 20!

Last week we watched as Haleigh and Fessy were on the block together and Fessy was sent to Jury. Then after the Jury Battle Back we watched as Scottie reentered the house and competed with the rest of the house for this week’s HOH. After failing to win the HOH and Tyler taking the power this week, Scottie found himself on the block next to Haleigh.

Haleigh was Tyler’s target at the start of this week, he really wanted to see her walk out the door after she targeted him while she was the Hacker, however the plans seemed to shift throughout the week. The rest of L6 felt that Scottie should be the one to leave this week because he is a direct threat to their game, however, it could be argued that Haleigh is also. They think that if they keep Haleigh in the house that she would go after Sam and that would keep the blood off their hands, but most fans think that Haleigh will take a shot at either Angela for taking Fessy out or Tyler. Meanwhile, Scottie’s plan was to take out JC if he won HOH because JC is the reason Scottie was sent to the Jury the first time.

Here is what I think:

JC has been known to do some sneaky things in the Big Brother house with his votes, but I think that this week he might actually stick to his word and vote the way he told Tyler he would. Last night on the live feeds there was a situation in the house where Haleigh caused some drama with Brett and JC had this plan that they should flip the vote and get Haleigh out. JC then talked to Tyler about how him, Brett and Sam were planning to vote out Haleigh this week, but Tyler talked him out of it.

As much as most of us would love to see JC, Brett and Sam vote to evict Haleigh, I think that JC will stick to his word with Tyler and they will vote to evict Scottie this week. Make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 and find out who it will be!

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