This week has not gone to plan for Haleigh on Big Brother 20. The first winner of the Hacker Comp found herself being hacked this week and all of her plans changed. Who will go home this week on Big Brother 20? Will it be Kaycee or will it be Rockstar? Keep reading to find out who I think will be the second member of the Jury right here!

Spoiler Alert: This Post May Contain Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds.

This week has been an interesting week to say the least, there has been a lot going on in the house since the POV Ceremony took place on Monday. As we saw, Tyler used the POV on Angela and Haleigh renom’d Kaycee which made Rockstar and Kaycee the final noms for Big Brother 20 week 7.

As we know, Kaycee is the Hacker and is part of the L6 alliance, which Haleigh and her side don’t know about. They have a feeling that she is working with Angela who is also working with Tyler, but they don’t know that for sure. Kaycee is able to cancel one of the votes tonight on Big Brother 20 and from the looks of it, she has one HG in mind.

Rockstar has been campaigning her butt off the last few days and seems pretty certain that she has the votes to stay this week. Some of the HGs have decided not to talk about their votes because of the Hacker’s ability to cancel one, but based on talks between the HGs and the noms things are looking pretty good for one side of the house.

Here is what I think:

Rockstar might think that it’s her side the votes will fall tonight, but I don’t think that will be the case. I think that Kaycee will get the majority of the votes tonight and Rockstar will be sent to spend the week with Bayleigh in the Jury house. The Hive is convinced that Sam, JC, Scottie and Brett will be Rockstar’s votes to stay and they are banking on Fessy’s vote being canceled. However, there are votes there that won’t be there tonight.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my Big Brother 20 live recap and then I will have HOH spoilers for you later on tonight. It has been confirmed that tonight is an endurance comp which will not finish on the air.

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