Another week inside the Big Brother 21 house means another weekly Favorite HG Poll. This week we have Jackson in power in the Big Brother house, the noms have been made and tomorrow we will watch as the POV plays out. If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from the POV Comp and POV Ceremony, make sure you get all caught up! Otherwise, let me know which of the remaining HGs is your favorite for week 10 of Big Brother.

It’s another week of Jackson in power and this week brought on a lot of head-scratching so far. Jackson has named Jessica and Christie his nominees for eviction this week. While most of us would have expected Christie to be his target, we were all surprised to find out that he saw Jessica as more of a threat to his game than Christie.

Cliff and Nicole have made a F4 deal with Jackson and Holly and Jackson has sworn to keep his promise to the both of them. He is hoping that by keeping Christie in the house, he has strengthened his relationship with her, however, her being on the block for the last four weeks isn’t exactly sitting well with her. Jackson’s hope is that Christie and Tommy will target Cliff and Nicole before coming after them. Christie has made it known to some of the HGs in the Big Brother house that if she should stay and win HOH next week, she would be putting Jackson and Holly on the block together and one of them will be heading to Jury.

Jessica is this week’s target, mostly because Jackson sees her as a mental threat and knows that most of the physical comps are behind them. Jackson is also convinced that Jessica will only target the men in the house, but that’s not necessarily true. Unfortunately, Jessica had painted the picture early in the season.

Nicole doesn’t seem to be as on board with working with Holly and Jackson as Cliff is, but because of her loyalty to Cliff, she is sticking to the plan. She is continuing to fly under the radar by using her social game to her advantage.

Which of these remaining 7 HGs are your favorite for week 10? Let me know by voting in my poll right here:

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