It has been an exciting week in the Big Brother 21 house with last week’s blindside vote, Cliff then returning into the house and winning HOH. Cliff then went on to put Jack and Jackson on the block next to each other. He vowed to make big moves so will that help him rank higher on our Big Brother poll? If you are behind on the action inside the Big Brother house, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers!

As usual, I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. We have all seen the HOH comp and nominations and we will all watch as the POV comp and POV Ceremony play out this week. However, so far this week there has been a lot of action on the show and on the live feeds.

Nicole was kept safe last week when the blindside vote sent Cliff out of the house instead. There was a Camp Comeback Battle Back where three of the campers were evicted after Cliff won and earned his spot back into the Big Brother house. Still reeling from being evicted just a little while ago, Cliff went into the HOH comp and won.

Cliff promised a lot of people safety before the nomination ceremony which only left us with a few options of who could be in danger this week. He also promised that he wasn’t going to make a safe move because he wasn’t sure that he was going to have this opportunity again. He put the two biggest threats in the house on the block next to each other regardless of knowing that Christie had a power that could have saved them both.

Last week we watched as Nicole sat at the number one spot in our poll, but a lot of things have changed since then. Will the results change? Has your opinion changed as to who your favorite HG is? Let me know by voting in our poll below and I will have the results for you tomorrow afternoon!

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