This week on Big Brother 21, Holly has won the HOH, Nick and Sam are on the block, and the POV is coming up on tomorrow night’s episode of Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers. Now it is that time of the week where I ask you who your favorite Big Brother 21 HG is for week 5! Let me know which of the HGs inside the Big Brother house is your favorite for week 5 by voting in my poll below!

Last week, Nicole was sitting at the top of our Big Brother Favorite HG poll. She has continued to fly under the radar inside the Big Brother house, for the most part. There are still some HGs that are worried about Nicole and what she would do if she won HOH, but not worried enough to target her this week. She has a great personality and seems to really get along with the other HGs. Regardless of how stressed she gets over everything going on inside the house, she is super positive all the time.

Cliff was sitting at number two in our results because of his big move to put Jack and Jackson on the block. I am convinced that the majority of the people that vote in this poll don’t have the live feeds or read my spoilers. If you all did, you would have seen that Cliff buckled under the pressure and renom’d Bella after Christie and the rest of the Six Shooters made a deal with him in order for Christie to keep her power. While I love Cliff as a person, that was not the smartest game move, to say the least.

Sam came in at number three last week and continues to be a fan favorite based on the social media posts I’ve seen throughout the week. However, he has gotten himself into some hot water recently because of his association with Nick and Bella. This is what landed him on the block next to Nick this week.

However, this was last week’s results. Have your opinions of any of the HGs changed at all during the last week? Let me know by voting for your favorite HG right here:

I will have the results of this poll for you tomorrow afternoon!

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