Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are down to the Final 3 on Big Brother 21 and tomorrow night is finale night! With that being said, either Jackson, Holly, or Nicole will be walking out of the Big Brother house $500,000 richer. Which one will it be? Let me know which of the F3 HGs you think should win the big bucks at the end right here by voting in our poll below!

While most of us can agree that this season didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to, we are finally down to the Final 3 on Big Brother 21. We have Jackson, Holly, and Nicole still inside the Big Brother house waiting to find out which of them will win the grand prize of $500,000. So, which one will it be?

Jackson has been a competition beast throughout the season with three HOH wins along with with round 1 of the final HOH, four POV competitions including the one that ultimately sent Cliff out the door. He also managed to avoid eviction three times in the process. He was part of a huge alliance earlier in the game and when that fell apart he took on the “me vs the house” role very well and won comps when he needed to. However, being in power all those weeks put him in tough situations where he had a hand in evicting several HGs and his social game was not strong. There are a lot of people in the Jury house that are upset with the way Jackson handled things, but a few of them had also voiced that if he made it to F2, they would vote for him.

Holly hasn’t been the competition beast that Jackson has been, but she has won two HOHs this season as well. She is responsible for sending Sam out pre-jury and getting Nick out of the house the second time around. A lot of people would argue that Christie blowing up Nick’s game probably did some good, but Nick was Holly’s target going into both of her HOH wins. Lucky for him he won the POV the first time around, but he wasn’t so lucky the second go around. Aside from that, Holly will probably be known as the girl who was in the showmance with that guy who no one in the house seemed to like.

Then there is Nicole who didn’t win any competitions until the Double Eviction where she won HOH and put Christie and Tommy up on the block. Most people would argue that she should have put Jackson and Holly up instead, but if she did she would be in the same situation with a different duo. Cliff then went on to win the POV and kept the noms the same and Christie went out on Nicole’s first HOH. The following week Jackson won HOH and put Cliff and Tommy on the block with Tommy as his target. Nicole managed to win the POV that week and took Cliff off the block forcing Jackson to renom Holly. Nicole knew that the right move for their game was to vote Holly out, but she allowed Cliff to sway her into trusting Jackson and Holly who had already gotten wind that Nicole and Cliff were leaning towards voting out Holly. Jackson made up a lie about Tommy and ultimately Holly stayed in the house. She has been beating herself up ever since.

Everyone in the F3 has their high points and their low, but which one do you think deserves the win the most?

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