It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother house and one of these ladies will be joining Ovi and David in Camp Comeback. Which one will it be? If you have missed any of the spoilers from week two of Big Brother, make sure you get caught up right here. Otherwise, scroll down and tell me who you think will be evicted tonight and stay tuned for my prediction a little later today!

Tonight we will watch as either Jessica or Kemi are evicted from the Big Brother game, but because of Camp Comeback, they won’t be leaving the house just yet!

Jessica has been blamed for an all-girl alliance this week and that’s what ultimately landed her on the block. It has come to light with some of the Gr8ful alliance members that it wasn’t really Jessica that started the alliance, with was Bella. However, that didn’t change the fact that they were worried about Jessica targeting Jack and Jackson if she won the HOH. She has stated that she wouldn’t put up any of the women in the house, which doesn’t bode well for the guys of Gr8ful.

Kemi has been Jack’s target since before the live feeds launched for some comments she made about Jack being cocky and for throwing his name out for a possible nominee when Christie was HOH. He thought she was gunning for him, so he in turn gunned for her. She does remain the main target for the week, however, there have been talks about Kemi being a better option to keep around for some of the HGs.

So which of these ladies will join Ovi and David in Camp Comeback tonight? Let me know who you think will be evicted by voting in the poll below!

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