With Ovi and Kathryn on the block going into this week’s live eviction on Big Brother, the house has been going back and forth about which of these two should go. Both Kathryn and Ovi have been told that they are safe, but only one of them has allies in the Big Brother 21 house. So which of these HGs is in greater danger of going home? Keep reading to find out who I think it will be.

This post will contain Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds. If you don’t want to know what has happened on the Big Brother live feeds, DO NOT read ahead. 

The house has been set to send Ovi home tonight during the Live Eviction show. However, there have been a couple of pretty big bombs dropped in the Big Brother house.

Kat has been putting a target on her back since she was put on the block. Her paranoia is really starting to annoy the HGs in the Big Brother house, even her allies in the game who have been working tirelessly to keep her in the house. Kat and Jackson are pretty close and while I won’t call what they have a showmance, because only one of them has caught feelings of any kind, he has been working to keep her as calm as possible. Clearly, that hasn’t worked because she went into the HOH room yesterday and in front of Jackson, Holly, Analyse, Christie, and Nick she mentioned that Jack was trying to flip the vote. They all remind her that it’s part of their game and that she needs to relax and this gets Jackson all worked up. He at one point tried to convince everyone that Kat had to go over Ovi because she is a loose cannon.

Now, onto bomb number two of the day. Ovi told Jack and Jackson about his power and offered it as a shield for them in the coming weeks if they keep him in the house. This has the wheels in Jack and Jackson’s heads turning, but they told Christie about it and she is worried that because Ovi didn’t tell her about it, he won’t use it to save her. She tells them that if he has the power, then getting him out is the best thing for their game. Jackson and Jack don’t agree because if Ovi goes and there is a Battle Back, the power could come back into play and they don’t want him to use it on someone they are trying to target later.

Jackson had mentioned to Jack last night that they are naive to think that their Gr8ful alliance is going to last until F8 and that this could be the advantage they need to further their game. However, will they go against what Christie thinks?

Honestly, I don’t think they will. Based on talks inside the house today, they are going to tell Ovi that they have his back and that they are going to convince the others to flip their vote, but then vote him out anyway. They are going to tell everyone in Gr8ful about Ovi, minus Nick and Bella, telling them this and use it to build the trust in their alliance and get them more united. I think that Ovi will, in fact, go home tonight. They aren’t sure that they can trust Nick and Bella with this information, especially because they suspect that Bella is in another alliance with Kemi, Nicole, and Jessica.

Make sure you come back tonight to find out which of these HGs will be evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. I will also have HOH spoilers for you later on tonight!

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