Jackson is HOH this week in the Big Brother 21 house and he put Jessica and Christie on the block, but after Tommy won this week’s POV, Christie was taken off the block. Jackson then named Cliff as his renom and made it clear to everyone in the house that Jessica was his target this week, not Cliff. Tonight is Double Eviction night on Big Brother and one of these HGs will be the first evictee for the night, find out who I think it will be below!

**This post will contain Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds. If you don’t want to know what’s been happening on the live feeds, do NOT read ahead.**

Jessica is Jackson’s target this week, however, with Cliff on the block next to her, it has some of the HGs wondering if Cliff is the bigger threat this week. Christie and Tommy see Cliff as the bigger target while Holly and Nicole plan to vote to keep Cliff this week leaving Jackson the tiebreaker for the week. However, Nicole seemed to have been wavering with who she wanted to keep early on and Christie, Tommy, and Jessica all made it a point to work on flipping her vote.

They all talked to her separately and mentioned things like how Cliff seems to be working more closely to Jackson and Holly. They reminded Nicole about how Cliff turned on Kat and he can easily do that to her also. They talked about Nicole being in a F4 with Jessica, Christie, and Tommy and although Nicole is closest to Cliff, she started to really think about what she should do.

Nicole seemed to be a little worried that all these seeds of doubt would play out, however, she has a F4 with Cliff, Jackson, and Holly already. When Nicole talked to Jackson last night on the live feeds, they both agreed that no one will beat Cliff in a F2 setting, however, they have a F4 agreement and they are staying loyal.

With all that being said, I think that Nicole will stay by Cliff. Nicole will vote Jessica out during the first eviction during tonight’s Double Eviction and force Jackson to break a tie.

Based on talks inside the Big Brother house, Nicole and Cliff seem to be in a good spot with the other two duos targeting each other. If Tommy or Christie should win HOH I expect that they will go after Jackson and Holly. If Nicole wins HOH she will target Christie and Tommy using Jackson and Holly as possible renoms. If Cliff wins HOH, it’s still kind of up in the air, I actually expect him to throw this HOH. If Holly wins, she will also target Christie and Tommy.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my full live recap of tonight’s DE and I’ll also have HOH spoilers for you later tonight!

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