Tonight on Big Brother 21, Kemi, Ovi, and David will be joined by either Nicole or Cliff in Camp Comeback. So which HG will it be? Keep reading my Big Brother eviction prediction to find out who I think will be voted out of the Big Brother game right here. Also, if you have missed any of the action inside the house, make sure you catch up on all our Big Brother spoilers!

Going into this week we knew that Cliff was going to be Gr8ful’s target. When Nick won the HOH, he planned to stick to that target and put Jessica up next to Cliff as a pawn. Going into the Nomination Ceremony, Nicole went to Bella, who she believed to be a friend in the house, and Nicole filled Bella in on her alliance wanting to target her and Nick.

Instead of Bella and Nick keeping this information to themselves and trying to figure out if it was true on their own, they went running back to their alliance members. This allowed for the Six Shooters (Gr8ful minus Nick and Bella) to manipulate Nick and Bella into believing their narrative of the conversations with Nicole.

Six Shooters went on to make Nicole look like she was trying to make Nick and Bella targets with their own alliance members when they had the plan to target them well before Nicole tried to warn them. With that being said, Nick and Bella believed that Nicole was personally targeting them and trying to make them out to be snakes. Nick then switched his sights to Nicole as his number one target for the week.

Some of the Six Shooters realized that if they decided to keep Nicole in the house they can bring her into their alliance as a number because they did her a favor. There is a plan in place for the live vote tonight and while it might look like Nicole is on her way out of the Big Brother game, Cliff will most likely be evicted tonight. Nick and Bella are still convinced that Nicole will be going tonight, which will make for some juicy live feeds footage after the live show.

Make sure you come back tonight for any and all spoilers coming from the inside of the Big Brother house!

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