This week in the Big Brother 21 house took a huge turn after the POV Ceremony when Cliff renom’d Bella for eviction in Jackson’s place. The fact that she was renom’d hasn’t gotten Bella down though and she has been working her campaigning. Will it keep her in the house this week or is her campaign falling on the deaf ears of her fellow Big Brother HGs? Keep reading to find out what I think and who I believe will be going home tonight on Big Brother 21.

Bella started her campaigning with Jackson and Holly and worked her way around the house over the last couple of days. She has told everyone the same thing and has made some pretty good points in her speech.

She has been telling everyone how keeping her this week would be beneficial to them going forward because she is a bigger target inside the house. If she stays this week, she will most likely be put back up next week next to Nick, however, they would have gotten Jack out of the house which will give everyone a fair shot at playing the game.

She has pointed out that Jack is also a bigger threat in the game. He can win physical and mental comps and has proven that a few times already. She also adds that he has a great social game and multiple connections throughout the house which is going to make it harder to vote him out when the numbers are lower. In her campaign to Jackson and Holly, she even went as far as telling them that they can keep their names out of it by blaming their votes on someone like Jessica or Kat.

Jackson and Holly have both agreed that they have thought of all these points and that they are strong reasons on why they should vote out Jack. However, Jackson doesn’t want to blindside his closest friend in the house and tells Holly that he would rather battle it out with him head-to-head.

Bella had another conversation with Jackson this morning where he told her that he wouldn’t be able to get her enough votes this week. This is mostly because he isn’t trying, but who would actually expect him to when she is sitting on the block next to Jack?

If I haven’t given away my prediction already, I’m expecting Bella to walk out of the Big Brother 21 house and be greeted by Julie unless by some miracle the rest of the house starts playing Big Brother. Make sure you come back tonight for my full recap of tonight’s episode. Tonight we will also have an endurance comp which should play out on the Big Brother Live Feeds. I will be live recapping that as soon as the feeds come back up or you can sign up with CBS All Access right here and get a one-week free trial so you can watch for yourself!

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