It has been an interesting week in the Big Brother 21 house with Christie and Analyse sitting side by side on the block. At the start of the week, Christie was the target, but has her campaign been so convincing that the vote could flip going into tonight’s live vote and eviction? Catch up on our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of what’s been going on. Read on to find out who I think will be heading to the Jury house tonight!

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds! If you don’t want to know what’s been going on, do NOT read ahead!

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you had a Christie Eviction Party scheduled for tonight, you might have to postpone it. While she was Jackson’s target going into this week, after a blowup Tuesday night and Christie making it very clear that her target has shifted to Nick, it has opened up the doors for Christie to make deals with people she used to work with.

Analyse was feeling pretty safe going into this week and didn’t promise anyone safety of any kind in her campaign, which made Jackson feel a little weary of keeping her in the house. When Christie went to him last night and pitched a deal, she promised Jackson and Holly that she would not be coming after them and inside she would be going after Nick and Nicole if she stayed. She also told them that she wouldn’t mind going to five, four, or even three with them if it meant that she could stay in the house just a little longer.

Jackson proposed a F5 deal with her which would involve him, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole. However, she had to secure Jessica as a vote to keep her. Jackson then talked to Cliff and Nicole about voting to keep Christie instead of Analyse telling them both that having her in the house is better for them because it will keep the target off their backs a little longer. Jackson also talked to Jessica last night and let her know that it would be okay with him if Analyse was evicted over Christie this week.

With all that being said, unless Christie does something really stupid to mess this up or Jackson starts to realize that this is a really dumb move, I predict that Christie will be staying after tonight’s live vote and eviction. Make sure you head on over to my eviction poll to let me know who you think will be evicted from the Big Brother house right here. Come back tonight for our live recap for the live vote and eviction to see for yourself who is evicted from the Big Brother house!

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