Tonight we will watch as either Christie or Nick walk out of the Big Brother 21 house and head on over to the Jury house. Who will join Analyse, Jack, and Kathryn in the Big Brother Jury house? Find out who I think it will be by reading my Eviction Prediction below. This article will contain spoilers. Keep in mind, if you haven’t been keeping up with our Big Brother spoilers, you might not want to read ahead.

This week has been full of surprises for the Big Brother 21 HGs. At the start of last week’s HOH comp, the HGs were told that this week was Prank Week and with that came a twist where America voted for America’s Prankster. America’s Prankster was given control of one of this week’s nominees and told that if their nominee came off the block during the POV Ceremony, they would also name the replacement nom for the week.

Nick was named America’s Prankster and he had a pretty strong feeling that he was going on the block this week. He decided that he was going to pick someone that he thought he could be in a vote to be his nom this week. After Tommy implied that he would keep Nick over Christie last week and Cliff voiced that Christie would be his target if he won HOH, Nick thought that Christie would be a great choice. Jackson went on to win the POV and noms stayed the same, leaving Nick and Christie on the block going into tonight’s live vote and eviction.

I’m predicting that the pranks this week are going to be the only surprises for the week and Nick will go home as planned with a vote of 4-1 or 5-0. The only vote he might get this week will be Nicole’s vote, but even she might change her mind as we get closer to the live show.

Come back tonight for my live recap of tonight’s episode and a live recap of tonight’s endurance comp which will play out on the Big Brother live feeds.

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