It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house and tonight either Kevin or Da’Vonne will become the second member of the BB22 jury. There has been a lot going on inside the Big Brother house and most of the HGs have made up their mind on who they are voting out tonight. Read on to get the details!

This post will contain Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t want to know what’s been going on, do NOT read ahead. 

This week we had Memphis in the HOH and his master plan was to backdoor David. Memphis nominated Day and Kevin in hopes that one of them would win the POV and take themselves down. After the POV players were picked and we found out that Dani, Nicole, and Tyler would be playing, Memphis asked the three of them to throw this week’s POV competition so that he or one of the noms could win. His hopes were that he would win so that he could take Day or Kevin down himself and put David up.

However, that didn’t work out when Tyler went on to win the POV with Dani and Nicole not that far behind him. Tyler convinced Memphis that there is a good chance that Day is working with Dani and Nicole. He also told him that he wasn’t planning on using the POV because he felt that getting either Day or Kevin out this week would split up another duo and weaken Dani and Nicole. Memphis saw the reasoning and agreed that this was an okay backup plan.

Since the POV Ceremony, there has been a lot of talking inside the house as to who the bigger threat is. Dani and Nicole don’t want to see Day go this week because they have been working with her since Bay left. However, the guys in the house are planning to vote Day out because of her calling everyone out in her speech and because she is working with Dani and Nicole. With Dani a high target for them, they are trying to weaken Dani and Nicole as much as they can.

With all of that being said, I expect Day to be evicted tonight on Big Brother. Dani also had a conversation with Memphis this morning about her power and told him she would be willing to use it on him, but she is worried that Kevin might know about it. She said that she is worried that if Kevin knows that Dani had it, that he would be able to pair Dani with Memphis which could hurt their game. After this conversation, she asked to be called into the DR. So we will see, but it looks like Dani might have used her power for Memphis to play in tonight’s HOH.

Stay tuned for my full live recap coming up later tonight for confirmation. I will also have HOH spoilers for you when the feeds come back up after the show airs on the west coast.

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