Week 3 of Big Brother is coming to an end with Thursday night’s eviction. As we know, Xavier nominated Brent and Britini for eviction this week and a lot has happened inside the Big Brother 23 house since then. Let’s recap the week and then you can tell me which of these houseguests you think will be evicted from Big Brother 2021!

After Frenchie was evicted last week on Big Brother 23, Xavier went on to win a Q&A-styled HOH competition. Before he could do anything, the Queens, Aces, and Jokers all had to choose one person to compete in this week’s Wildcard Competition. Tiffany, Britini, and Derek X all went on to compete in this week’s Wildcard Comp where the winner would be offered safety but would have to make a big choice.

Even though Britini came really close to eliminating Derek X from the competition, Derek X and Tiffany worked together to get Britini out of the comp first. Tiffany and Derek X continued to battle it out and even though Derek X came close, Tiffany was able to pull out a win. After the competition, Tiffany was told that she could be safe for the week, but if she chose safety then one player from the Aces and Jokers would also be safe this week. Tiffany decided not to make Xavier’s HOH harder than it already was and declined the offer of safety.

Xavier went on to nominate Brent and Britini with Brent being his target, however, he told Brent that Britini was his target instead. Xavier, Brent, and Britini were then joined by Whitney, Christian, and Derek F in this week’s POV Competition. After being targeted by Xavier in the POV Competition, Brent knew that he was this week’s target. However, he thinks that he has the votes he needs to stay this week with his team, and the Queens who have an alliance together.

Christian went on to win the POV and kept the noms the same which is exactly what Brent wanted to happen because he felt that if he was on the block with anyone else, he wouldn’t have the votes to stay.

Who do you think will be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight? Let me know by voting in my poll below:

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