Everyone, we have made it to Big Brother 23 finale day! Tonight on Big Brother 2021, we will watch as one of these three houseguests goes on to win $750,000. Let’s break down the Final 2 scenarios and what each houseguest has to bring to the table and then you can tell me who you would like to see win Big Brother by voting in my poll!

We all know that Xavier won Round 1 of the final Head of Household competition and since Round 2 won’t air until tonight, I won’t post any Big Brother spoilers about it. However, if you want to know, you can check out my Round 2 results to find out. Let’s break down the possibly F2 combinations and talk about who has the better chance of winning, shall we?

Xavier and Azah

Xavier definitely had more control over the course of the season with two Head of Household wins and three Power of Veto wins. He also saw the block five times over the course of the summer and survived every time. Azah had a stronger social game with more relationships outside of the Cookout Alliance, however, hasn’t had much control with only one Head of Household win and no Veto wins this season. Azah’s social game also helped her avoid the block all the way through until Final 4 when Xavier put her next to Kyland. The only reason she saw the block at F4 was that there weren’t any other options for Xavier since he had a deal with Derek. While Azah won when she needed to in the DE, Xavier’s resume is pretty well stacked. The only thing that could possibly work in Azah’s favor is if there is a bitter jury.

Xavier and Derek

As I said above, Xavier had a lot of control over the game this season with all of his competition wins. Derek however can’t say the same. Derek hasn’t won a single competition this season and has been nominated three times. He was saved from the block one time and he likes to think that it was because of his social game. Derek was able to keep the HGs and built many friendships inside the house. Due to his lack of competition wins, he was never seen as a threat in the house which kept him off the block and made him the ideal houseguest to sit next to in F2. Derek admits that Xavier has won a lot of comps and counters that with the fact that he has played a great social game, Derek is discounting the fact that Xavier has also played a fairly good social game as well.

Azah and Derek

Based on gameplay alone, it seemed very unlikely that either of these houseguests would have made it this far in the game. Azah did win a Head of Household competition during the second double eviction of the season, which could have potentially kept her in the house. She also only hit the block one time which is a pretty good resume builder in this game. Much like Derek, Azah managed to keep her head down and kept the target off her by building relationships with the other houseguests. Azah also prided herself on playing an honest game, which could give her an edge if this is the F2 scenario that plays out.

There are a few F2 combinations that can happen tonight on Big Brother 23, but I want to know who you would like to see win this season of Big Brother 23!

Come back later to find out who I think will win in these three F2 scenarios. Make sure you come back later tonight and join me for my Survivor live recap followed by the two-hour finale of Big Brother 23!

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