After a long week of gameplay and fighting for their Big Brother lives, we said goodbye to another Big Brother 2021 houseguest. Derek X’s plan all along this week was to backdoor Christian and with Britini winning this week’s POV on Big Brother 23, it was all lined up to happen. Then Derek X decided to tell Alyssa before the POV Meeting and the plan seemed to derail. Find out if DX went through with the plan and who was evicted right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the Power of Veto Ceremony where Derek X stuck to his guns and renom’d Christian after Britini took herself off the block. Shocked by the betrayal of one of his alliance members, Christian instantly started his campaign to stay inside the Big Brother house.

Christian cut deals with anyone who would accept them and told everyone that getting him out this week would just get rid of their shield. Tiffany was on board with trying to flip the vote this week but eventually realized that the writing was on the walls and there was no saving Christian this week on Big Brother 23. Here is how the votes landed:

  • Hannah – Christian
  • Kyland – Christian
  • Xavier – Sarah Beth
  • Alyssa – Sarah Beth
  • Britini – Christian
  • Derek F – Christian
  • Tiffany – Christian
  • Claire – Christian
  • Azah – Christian

With a vote of 7-2, Christian has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Now that the eviction has taken place, we will find out more details about this new twist and I will have Big Brother spoilers for you later about who the new HOH is for week 6!

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