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Moments ago, Julie Chen tweeted this picture:

We are just moments away from getting to know the HGs for BB21! Remember, it starts at 11 am EST on the Big Brother Live Feeds! For now, here are the HGs and their brief bios! Click on their names to get more information from the CBS website!

Analyse Talvera

Age: 22

Hometown: Northridge, California

Current City: Simi Valley, California

Occupation: College Soccer Star

Three Adjectives: Funny, outgoing and confident.

Favorite Activities: Tanning, going to the beach, and shopping



Christie Murphy

Age: 28

Hometown: Staten Island, New York

Current City: Keyport, New York

Occupation: Boutique Owner

Three Adjectives: Outgoing, overachiever and edgy

Favorite Activities: I love to go to the park with my dog, I like to do basically ANYTHING in nature, specifically waterfall hikes and I also like to try new food & restaurants with friends.



Cliff Hogg III

Age: 53

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current City: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Petroleum Engineer

Three Adjectives: Funny, stubborn and caring.

Favorite Activities: watersports, gardening, and politics




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David Alexander

Age: 29

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Current City: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: Photographer

Three Adjectives: Positive, charismatic and high energy

Favorite Activities: CrossFit training, professional photography and traveling to new locations.



Holly Allen

Age: 31

Hometown: Lander, Wyoming

Current City: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Wine Safari Guide

Three Adjectives: Spontaneous, sarcastic and relentless

Favorite Activities: Fostering dogs, hiking with wine and road-tripping with a camera in hand.



Isabella Wang

Age: 22

Hometown: Mount Olive, New Jersey

Current City: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Public Health Analyst

Three Adjectives: Spontaneous, reckless and generous

Favorite Activities: Spending other people’s money.



Jack Matthews

Age: 28

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Current City: Tampa, Florida

Occupation: Fitness Trainer

Three Adjectives: Honest, integrity and character

Favorite Activities: CrossFit, photography, and hanging with my dog Layla.



Jackson Michie

Age: 23

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Current City: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Server

Three Adjectives: Driven, assertive and confident

Favorite Activities: Exercising, social events, and hunting



Jessica Milagros

Age: 30ish

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Current City: Oak Park, Illinois

Occupation: Model

Three Adjectives: Affectionate, charismatic and creative

Favorite Activities: Dancing, painting, and photography



Kathryn Dunn

Age: 29

Hometown: Irving, Texas

Current City: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Digital Marketing Executive

Three Adjectives: reliable, hardworking and fun

Favorite Activities: Since I work/live/breathe marketing, most of my hobbies are related to social media and Instagram. I love creating content and producing photo shoots for my friends and me! I also love shopping and being outdoors on a pretty day.


Kemi Faknule

Age: 25

Hometown: Elkridge, Maryland

Current City: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Marketing Strategist

Three Adjectives: positive, goal-oriented, bitch

Favorite Activities: Contributing to the economy (shopping), discovering new restaurants (recent foodie) and traveling with my friends (hoping to make is to Vegas soon so any potential face palms can be filed under “oh, I was young.”)


Nick Maccarone

Age: 27

Hometown: Sewell, New Jersey

Current City: Sewell, New Jersey

Occupation: Therapist

Three Adjectives: outgoing, caring and talkative

Favorite Activities: Playing/watching sports, going to the city to drink/meet women and working (I love helping kids)



Nicole Anthony

Age: 24

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Current City: Long Island, New York

Occupation: Preschool Aide

Three Adjectives: Hard working (I always give my 100%), determined (If I want something, I won’t stop until I get it) and hilarious! (I crack myself up constantly.)

Favorite Activities: Reading (novels, the classics, fan fiction, blogs, people’s analysis of song lyrics or discussion of a movie, ANYTHING!), listening to music (because it does it all: it makes me Zen, pumps me up, etc.) and drawing (I have some badass artistic skills hiding up my sleeve).


Ovi Kabir

Age: 22

Hometown: Oakridge, Tennessee

Current City: Knoxville, Tennessee

Occupation: College student

Three Adjectives: Relatable, motivated, and brown

Favorite Activities: Rowing, partying (more of a lifestyle than a hobby if we are being honest), and watching Tennessee Basketball win games (Yes, it’s a hobby if you live around Knoxville).


Sam Smith

Age: 31

Hometown: West Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

Current City: Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Truck driver

Three Adjectives: Outgoing, bold and comical

Favorite Activities: Riding my R1, playing basketball, and having friends over for pool parties.



Tommy Bracco

Age: 28

Hometown: Staten Island, New York

Current City: Staten Island, New York

Occupation: Broadway dancer

Three Adjectives: Optimistic, driven and over-the-top

Favorite Activities: Eating mom’s cooking, going to the movies alone and playing Catan with the family.



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