A lot happened on the Big Brother 21 live feeds, including a two-hour lockdown in the backyard so that someone could come in and fix the bathroom shower in the HOH. The nominees continued to talk to the other HGs to try and see where the votes fall and Nick and Isabella had a long conversation about their showmance. Get all the Big Brother spoilers with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Yesterday there was a lot of talking from the HGs about who they were going to vote out. It isn’t looking good for Ovi because it’s looking like Ovi is going to go out Wednesday night at the first live eviction. There is also already a good idea of who will be nominated and targeted next week. It could either be Kemi or Jack as a target next week depending on who wins the HOH. They will both be BD targets and it’s looking like Kathryn will most likely be a pawn again next week. I’m sure that will go over really well considering she has been freaking out the entire time she’s been on the block this week.

Christie is excited for next week because she won’t be HOH and they will finally have a routine in the house, but she told Isabella that she was worried about being targeted next week.

Jack and Analyse have been the topic of conversation in the Big Brother house. They spent about an hour alone in the HOH room the other night and it has everyone talking. It doesn’t help that they openly flirt with each other in front of the other HGs. Analyse has told Christie that she doesn’t even like Jack, it seems like she just likes the attention.

While we’re on the topic of showmances, while Nick and Isabella’s conversation didn’t happen until later in the evening, I want to mention that there was some trouble in paradise with those two. While Nick and Isabella have a lot of potential to be something in the real world, they both have realized that having an open showmance in the house is probably not the best move for their game. They both talked and Isabella told Nick that she gets jealous of seeing him all over the other girls and he tells her that he would love to do nothing but cuddle with her all day, but that would destroy both their games.

Also, during this conversation, Isabella tells Nick that she is in an alliance with Jessica, Nicole, and Kemi. This was definitely not the smartest thing she could have done.

The HGs got a booze delivery last night also. After the booze delivery, the HGs went out into the yard and did a group toast and sat around relaxing. After this, Cliff and Nicole are talking about feeling bad for Ovi because he is going to be blindsided on eviction day. Analyse told Holly and Jackson that she thinks Jack is good looking, but she doesn’t have any kind of connection with him and doesn’t really know what to talk to him about. Ovi is convinced that he is safe this week.

Make sure you come back later for my Big Brother live recap starting at 8/7c where we will watch the POV Comp. Tomorrow is the first live eviction show of the Big Brother 21 season.

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