What a day on the Big Brother 21 live feeds! We had a heated exchange between Jackson and Kat, we had Ovi telling people about his power, and so much more! It was a crazy eviction eve, that’s for sure. If you want to know what happened inside the Big Brother house, keep reading my live feeds recap for all your Big Brother spoilers!

Well, the day started with Christie talking to the HOH morning crew (Jackson, Nick, Holly, and Analyse) and Christie is talking about how she is going to break the news to Ovi that he is going home. Kat walks in sits on the bed with them, mentions that someone told Kat that Jack was trying to flip votes. She then retracts and says that she doesn’t know if it’s true. Jackson gets aggravated that she said that and tells her that they have been telling Ovi that so that he feels safe. Christie tells her that she is fine and not to believe it.

Kat then gets up and walks out, and Christie jokes that she almost gave her a heart attack. After she leaves, they are all talking about how Kat gets paranoid over everything she hears, she is the worst player in the history of Big Brother, but these are reasons she needs to stay. Jackson is mad because he has told her over and over that she is safe and that she might hear things that aren’t true. They also mention that Kat’s face dropped when she saw Holly and Jackson cuddling in the HOH bed.

Jackson goes to do damage control with Kat, but it turns into a heated argument with her. He basically repeated the same things he has said to her over the last 10 days. She’s safe, she’s a pawn, no one is conspiring against her, etc. However, his tone in this conversation is very condescending, you can tell he is getting frustrated with having to repeat this for the hundredth time. After this conversation, he reiterated what he said to her to Holly & Analyse and then Tommy. In his conversation with Tommy, he mentions thinking that they should get Kat out this week so that he doesn’t have to deal with her and they don’t have to worry about her turning against them. Tommy agreed but tells him to talk to Christie.

Jackson fills Jack in, but Jack tells him that they have to get Ovi out first because he was blindsided when he was put on the block and he will come after them. When Jackson does talk to Christie about this, Christie basically tells them that they can do whatever they want to. It was her job to put them up, their job to vote them out. For a while, it looked like they were going to flip the vote to get Kat out, but after Jack diffused that situation the plan went back to voting Ovi out.

Throughout the day there was a lot of talk about who everyone would put up if they won the next HOH. The Gr8ful alliance agreed that Kemi would go next and Jack tells Tommy that he doesn’t even want to win the next HOH because they all agree that Kemi should be the next to go and he won’t have to get any blood on his hands if someone else from Gr8ful won. Everyone seems to be more worried about if Kemi wins. If Kemi wins, Jack is definitely going to be her target, but Christie is worried she might be a backup target.

Jack spent a lot of time yesterday evening feeling Bella out. He wanted to make sure that she is with Gr8ful and not this new alliance Kat told them she heard about (which Bella told Nick about). Bella assured Jack that she is with the group and she’s fine with Kemi going out next, but she does mention to Jack that she has been having some trust issues with Jack. She tells Jack that he never told her about the fake alliance with Ovi and he tells her it’s a lot like the alliance she has with Kemi, but Bella tells him that she and Kemi had a Day 1 thing so it didn’t just happen that way.

The conversation continues with her telling him that he can’t go around making F3 deals with everyone in the house. She mentions that makes him a hypocrite because they are trying to get Kemi out for playing too hard when he is doing the same thing. Bella also tells him that everyone is noticing his damage control efforts with Kemi and it’s making things look even worse.

Yesterday, Ovi starting to catch wind that he might not have the votes. This came after he asked Nick if he had his vote. Nick told him that he would vote to keep Ovi if he was able to get all the votes and Nick tells Ovi he hasn’t heard that he has them. Nick tells Ovi that one of them is being lied to. Nick tells Ovi that the house is still very undecided and that they probably won’t know for sure who they are voting for until tomorrow. Ovi continued to campaign throughout the night and everyone kept giving him the “I have to see what the house is doing first” answers.

Ovi goes up to the HOH and campaigns to Christie, Jack, Nicole, and Tommy. At the end of his campaign to them, Christie tells him that he probably shouldn’t corner anyone else tonight. She tells him he should just lay low and let everyone figure out what they are going to do. Ovi just asks the group to let him know what they decide either way. After Ovi left the room, Tommy mentions that everything Ovi said about why he should stay over Kat was true, Nicole agrees with him and she says that Kat staying over Ovi when she doesn’t really want to be there doesn’t sit well with her.

Later in the night, Ovi pulls Jack and Jackson aside to talk to them. Ovi tells Jackson that he knows that Jackson is in a tough spot because of his relationship with Kat. Ovi says that he has one more thing to tell them, but it has to stay between them. Jack and Jackson agree and Ovi tells them about his power and tells them that if they keep him this week and one of them (Gr8ful) ends up on the block within the six weeks that his power is good, he will use it to take any of them down. Ovi also mentions that because they are going to compete this week for another power, they could combine the power. Ovi mentions that they should not tell anyone about the power, but come up with a way that they can convince people to keep Ovi over Kat.

Jack and Jackson move to the lounge to talk. They are worried that Ovi will offer the same deal with the other side. Jackson says that they could just vote her out and let the power go with him, but if there is another twist then that could hurt them. Jackson mentions somehow inspiring Kat to self-destruct on her own (which she has already done a hundred times). Jack and Jackson decide to fill Christie in. Christie and Tommy come into the lounge and they tell him about Ovi’s power.

Christie tells them that because Ovi didn’t tell her, he has to be against her. She tells him that he has to go now. Christie isn’t changing her mind about this either. Jack and Jackson tell her that they are worried that he would use the same bargaining chip with the other side, stay and come after them. Jessica comes into the room and the conversation changes. When she leaves, they talk a little more, but it doesn’t look like Christie is changing her mind. Kat walks in and that’s the end of the conversation.

Jack and Jackson are going to have to work really hard to convince Christie to keep Ovi. We have the live eviction tonight! Stay tuned for my eviction prediction coming up a little later today!

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