The Big Brother 21 house was in shambles yesterday after this season’s Hide and Go Veto comp took place, but not as in shambles as Holly and Jackson’s relationship. Could the last showmance be on the brink of a breakup…again? Find out right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s Big Brother live feeds!

We started the day in the Big Brother house nice and earlier with an 8 am wake-up call. About an hour and a half later, we had the POV Player draw and found out that all the HGs except for Holly would play in this week’s comp. After the player draw, a lot of the HGs either studied the Memory Wall or found their ideal Hide and Go Veto hiding spot.

The feeds cut for the POV Comp and five and a half hours later, the feeds come back and the house is trashed! All the speculation about degreasing the floors meaning that it was Hide and Go Veto were true. We find out that Tommy won the POV and the noms this week will most likely change. The HGs spent a lot of time cleaning the house last night and not a lot of time game talking at this point in the day.

Jackson later asks Tommy not to use the POV. Tommy tells Jackson that he is contemplating using it to save Christie, but promises that he will vote out Jackson’s target this week. Later, Tommy tells Jessica that he plans to use the POV on Christie and Jessica seems happy to hear that, but later talked with Nicole and she is clearly upset. Nicole tells Jessica that Cliff will most likely be the renom this week.

There was a brief lockdown so that production could put the carpet back down in the kitchen and put back some of the fragile items back into the house. HGs are clearing out of the HOH and Holly and Jackson seem to be fighting. Jackson tells Holly that she can take her stuff and move out of the HOH room if she wants. Holly tries to talk to him, but he walks away from her. (sound familiar?)

Jackson checked in again with Tommy about his plans for the POV. Tommy is still implying that he is going to save Christie with it.

Jackson and Holly did talk again last night and he tells her that he doesn’t appreciate being called a “f***ing a**hole” when everyone (live feeders) are watching. She is crying and apologizing. Keep in mind, the whole reason their fight started yesterday was that Jackson was talking and joking about their sexual encounters in the kitchen. The arguing continued on and off all night and Holly decided she was going to sleep downstairs. Jackson offered for her to sleep upstairs and he implies that her sleeping downstairs could cause a bigger fight.

Nicole talked to Tommy about him using the POV to save Christie. He thinks that Nicole could end up being the renom and she tells him that Holly and Jackson are picking off the extras.

We ended the night with Jackson and Holly cuddling in the HOH bed. Then fighting. Then cuddling. They really need to cut each other loose already.

Tommy has made it clear that he is going to save Christie with the POV on Monday. Jackson will probably stick to his plan of renoming Cliff in her place in hopes that he will be able to get Jessica out. However, there is a good chance that he will have to break a tie this week and he is not happy about that. I suspect that Jackson will continue to try and talk Tommy out of using the POV throughout the day.

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